Frequently asked questions


Every move you play results in an assessment of the position by the analysis engine, which then gives it a score.

The score (assessment) can be given in 2 different ways:

Colors are associated to each score

Even though it’s difficult to give every score a specific meaning (1.00 is the value of a pawn), here is an rough meaning of the numeric scores depending on their value.

Analysis report tools

The statistics of the game give a quick overview of the performance of each side.

The variant area (displayed whenever a move is replayed on the board) gives, in order, the 3 best moves found by the analysis engine and their corresponding variants.

Note: the display of variants is limited to 6 half-moves, but the downloadable PGN contains more detailed variants.

Example: here, the white side played 22.Nxa6. They would have done better to play with 22.Qf3, or 22.Nxe6, or even 22.Qa4.

You can replay a variant by directly clicking the moves, but also by using the keyboard. An icon "Information" in the variants area gives a list of these keyboard shortcuts.

The PGN file containing the analyses can be downloaded to be replayed in any PGN reader.

We utilize lots of resources to generate relevant analyses. The analysis is spread out over several high-powered computers, and every move is analyzed for 5 seconds at full power. As such, processing a game with 40 moves (80 half-moves) only takes about 10 seconds.

We also use one of the most powerful engines on the market: Stockfish 7.

Of course, from one analysis engine to another or from one computer to another, the results may vary, but we have made technical choices so that the analysis will fulfill its goal: to give the trends in the game, and the strengths and weaknesses of both sides.

There’s no limit to the number of games you can analyze. You can analyze as many games as you want, either your own or from other players, using the games observed in the playing area, or from the game history available on the website.

However, in order to distribute resources fairly among all member, a priority system is used. Players who request game analyses for the first time that day have priority over those who have already requested several analyses. This priority is then readjusted. Players in their trial period are limited to analyzing 3 games per day. Still, we have allocated sufficient resources so that the wait time is as short as possible.