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Live Play tournaments

On theleft panel of the application, there's “Tournaments” tab with a list of tournaments: upcoming, ongoing, my recent tournaments.

Upcoming: scheduled tournaments, but not yet open for registration.

Ongoing: offers tournaments that are open for registration, ongoing tournaments and recently completed tournaments.

  1. Open for registration: to register simply click on the tournament of your choice, then on "Save my entry" if the tournament suits you. This function is also available by clicking on "View". A message will confirm your entry.

  2. Ongoing: allows you to follow the games, results and rankings of a live tournament..

  3. Completed: includes recently completed tournaments for consultation.

My recent tournaments: keeps track of all your entries, results and rankings..

As long as the tournament is open for registration you can always unsubscribe at any time. To unsubscribe, on the left panel of the interface, click on “Tournaments”, then on the tournament in which you are registered, and finally click on "Cancel my entry". If this phrase no longer appears, it means that it is too late to unsubscribe. This function is also available in the tournament profile.

When a round starts and your tournament game begins, you must be present on the game area . If you are not logged into the game area at that time, you will be declared absent and you will not be able to attend the rest of the tournament. If you are unable to continue the tournament, be fair play, think about the other players and inform them. For this, in the tournament profile, click on the action "Abandon tournament".

Once signed up to a tournament you must wait until it is launched. In order not to wait unnecessarily in front of a static chessboard (or in case of an exemption during a round for example), it is possible to usually play other games on the game area before and even during a tournament. Before every round of a tournament you will see a warning message (see below image), which says your next game will start in 1 minute , with a countdown. This will thus give you time to finish any ongoing game. Please note! Tournament games have priority! If you are playing, when the tournament game starts, the current game will be automatically abandoned to your disadvantage.

Obviously, games played in tournament mode are considered for Elo rating in the same way as other games played on the game area.

If you are disconnected when you are not playing a game (between 2 rounds for example), the disconnection will not affect your participation in the tournament, as long as you're back at the time of your next game. If you are disconnected during a game, the same rules as for all other games played on the live game area will apply, that is to say you have 30 seconds to reconnect. Once this deadline has expired, you will be declared defeated. If you are subjected to frequent disconnections, email us via the support, and we will provide you some manipulation that can help you.

It is possible to enter a tournament with your main account or with one of your sub-accounts, but not with both.

To provide you with more freedom, you can create tournaments according to your own criteria. On the left panel of the interface, in the “Tournaments” tab, there’s a button named “Create a tournament” which pops up a panel as shown in the below image.

In the first drop-down menu you define the type of tournament. A Swiss system will offer pairing between players with the same number of points. whereas a round-robin tournament will make all players play against all others. A "double" round-robin tournament will in fact be a double round-robin tournament where each player will meet all the others, once with the white pieces and once with the black pieces.

You can also set an Elo range for participants. The game speed, with or without increments, for example 5 + 2 will give 5-minute games for each player with an addition of 2 seconds for each move. And finally, you can choose the order of the tiebreak system.

Moreover, you can create private tournaments restricted to a list of usernames that you define, or public tournaments open to all players. Feel free to add a blurb that is visible to all in the tournament profile.

To break the tie of players with equal points, you have a choice between several tiebreaker systems. You can define their order of consideration.

Tiebreak systems
Tiebreak system AVAILABLE


Description of the tiebreak system
Sonneborn-Berger x x Total points of defeated opponents and half of the points of opponents against which there was nil
Number of wins x x Number of games won
Number of wins with the blacks x x Number of games won with the blacks
Buchholtz x Total scores of opponents
Median-Buchholtz 1 x Just like Buchholtz, but we remove the lowest and the highest score of the series
Median-Buchholtz 2 x Just like Buchholtz, but we remove 2 lowest and 2 highest scores of the series
Truncated Buchholtz 1 x Just like Buchholtz, but we remove the lowest score of the series
Truncated Buchholtz 2 x Just like Buchholtz, but we remove 2 lowest scores of the series
Cumulative x Total scores of opponents
Elo performance x Elo average of opponents
If you see or suspect a player for violating the rules, you can submit the game that is deemed suspicious for verification within the next 24 hours. Request for a game verification At the end of a game, on the right side of the interface, you will see an exclamation mark appear. Click on it and select "Cheating". A window pops up, allowing you to select the game in question, and then validate your request, which will thus trigger the verification. After it is analyzed by an administrator, if cheating is proven, the result of the game will be changed, Elo points will be recalculated and penalties will be applied. Meanwhile, the tournament will be recalculated accordingly. The dishonest player will receive a reminder of rules and regulations and will be informed of any penalties imposed.
Penalties imposed on the cheater will be as follows::
- If it is the first time, the player will receive a warning that will be kept on his/her record.
- In case of recurrence, the player will receive a final warning before account suspension.
- At the third reporting the account will be suspended.

When you organize a tournament (accessible in the left panel, "Tournaments" tab, by clicking on one of the tournaments and then on "View"), you have a responsibility to address potential problems reported by other players. In the tournament profile, the action "Reported problems" records reports made by tournament participants. Moreover, whenever a new issue is reported, you will be notified in the notification area (at the bottom of the left panel). In case of cheating, you can review the game, download the game in "pgn" format to verify and if appropriate, disqualify the player, award the points of the game to the opposing player, and recalculate the scores of the tournament, if you feel that cheating is proven.

If after verifying the cheating is proven, the cheater will be disqualified from the tournament, the points of the game in question will be awarded to the opponent and the scores of the tournament will be recalculated. In addition, Elo points will be re-adjusted for the game in question, even after if the tournament is over. And finally, if the cheater is a repeat offender (at least 2 tournaments over a 1 month period), he/she will be banned from tournaments until further notice.

However, it is up to the player to carefully think before attempting to cheat. We remind you that at the time of registration, the box indicating: "I agree to adhere to the guidelines", which very clearly states the formal prohibition of using an analysis module to play, has been checked. Failure to observe this part of the "contract" makes us totally respect our part of the contract, and paid access to the cheater’s game area is no longer guaranteed.

We place great importance to the behavior of the players on the game area. Honesty, fair play, respect for the opponent are not empty words. If you have done a mistake, you must contact us via the support and we will address such requests case by case.

When you organize a tournament, all the players that you have placed in yourc blacklist will not be able to register.

Sometimes, especially for Swiss system tournaments, a round is impossible to match, for example if too many players left the tournament. In this case, the tournament immediately ends without playing the next round. A final ranking will be performed under the same conditions as if the tournament had ended normally.

You can play Swiss system tournaments (starting from 6 players), or round-robin tournaments (single or double) starting from 4 players.

If a tournament does not reach the minimum number of players by the time it is ready to start, it is canceled. If you are registered for a tournament and that it is canceled, you will be notified in the notification area at the bottom of the left panel.

For the moment, the tournament mode is available for a test period. We would initially collect maximum information, suggestions, constructive criticism, etc. that players can send us via the support before considering the possibility of organizing tournaments with prizes. We are open to suggestions on this, and please write to us via the support.

When tournaments are organized by ChessAnyTime, the tournament organizer is identified by “TournamentBot”. In all other cases it is the username of the player that organizes the tournament that is mentioned instead.

On the website, under the“Live games” section, in the menu at the top of the page, click on “Tournaments”.

Then, click on “ My archived tournaments ”, then click on the tournament to display its record.

From here you can download or view one or all of the games.