A player is using inappropriate language. What should I do?

According to our Terms of use, it is prohibited:

- to insult other players or to make racist comments

- to use the game zone for commercial purposes or to advertise

You can immediately add the player to your blacklist. Such a list can be managed in the "Live gameplay" section of the site, or directly in the gaming interface. So this player will not be able to bother you. 

If a player made inappropriate remarks, write to us specifying:

- the username of the player involved

- make a screenshot of the game window (especially for serious insults this will be a proof for us to take action)

To take a screenshot:

* Press the “Print Screen” key on your key board.

* Then go to “Start”, “All programs”, “Accessories”, “Paint”.

* Once the "Paint" program is open, go to "Edit" and "Paste".

* You should see the picture of the screenshot you captured.

* You just have to “Save” it in .JPEG or .GIF format (choose the format from the drop down menu by avoiding .bmp, .tif or .doc formats which are unnecessarily too heavy)

Note: if the player is shown to be unpleasant because of bad remarks made by you or following your provocations, you may also be penalized.

What actions will be taken following the reported cases?

- warning if it is a first time reporting, unless the comments are considered serious

- removing the chat option

- deactivating the account temporarily or permanently

- filing a complaint if the comments fall within the scope the law

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