Charter of Use

In logging onto the live play zone of the SimpleChess site you accept the terms of the following charter.

The live play zone of the SimpleChess site provides an environment that allows all of its members to be able to play chess, regardless of gender, age, nationality or religion.

We remind you that it is strictly forbidden:

  • To create a username that is insulting, sexual, racist, defamatory, biased, etc.
  • To lend your username or to share your password.
  • To use analysis software to play in the game area SimpleChess.
  • To insult other players or to make racist remarks.
  • To intentionally let time run out without playing.
  • To accept games and then cancel them without playing.
  • To harass other players by, for example, sending repeated challenges or messages.
  • To intentionally lose games or to accept multiple victories from a player who is intentionally losing games.
  • To use SimpleChess for commercial purposes or to advertise another company.

With regard to the videos offered on the site, it is strictly prohibited to:

  • Reproduce these articles in full or in part without the prior written consent of the site operator.
  • Distribute the contents of these articles to any other person.

If one of the administrators of the SimpleChess site has reason to believe that I am violating or have violated the charter, the terms or conditions of the SimpleChess site or any term of this user agreement, I recognise that such an administrator has the right to take appropriate action, including, without limitation: suspension of the possibility of dialogue, temporary suspension of services, or in extreme cases, permanent exclusion.

Members who cheat or abuse the Elo system of the SimpleChess site will have their Elo adjusted and may lose the use of their “username”. The actions taken will be at the discretion of the administrators of the SimpleChess site.

What to do in the event of insults?

If you are insulted, use the contact form , in order to let us know the username of the person who insulted you, as well as the date and precise time of the insult. We will then be able to apply sanctions where necessary.

Do not forget that you have a blacklist available to you for live or deferred games which allows you to refuse to play/talk with certain players.

Remember the SimpleChess site team does everything possible to maintain a healthy and friendly play zone.