Wojtaszek and Fressinet in Pamplona

The fourth editon of the AD San Juan international was held between the 24th of July and the 1st of August.
A last round win by Laurent Fressinet at the expense of favourite Alexander Morozevich meant that he caught the leader, but Radoslaw Wojtaszek was still first on tie-break.

Many observers were interested in the form of the highest-rated participant Alexander Morozevich who hasn't been doing that well of late. Apparently he has become somewhat disillusioned with the life of a professional player.

He started out however with a promising 0.5,1,1,0.5 (3/4) but then a loss to the eventual winner Wojtaszek led to a poor finish 0,0.5,0.5,0,0 (1/5).

Equal first for the Frenchman @ paperblog.fr

Laurent Fressinet (the second seed) took advantage to beat the Russian and make it to 6.5/9.

1Radoslaw Wojtaszek2663POLX====1111=6.5
2Laurent Fressinet2697FRA=X==1==1116.5
3Sergey Fedorchuk2665UKR==X====1=15.5
4Vadim Zvjaginsev2656RUS===X====115.5
5Eduardo Iturrizaga2614VEN=0==X===1=4.5
6Julio Granda Zuniga2639PER0====X===14.5
7Igor Kurnosov2662RUS0=====X==14.5
8Alexander Morozevich2715RUS000====X114
9J-Manuel Lopez Martinez2543ESP00=00==0X=2
10Roi Reinaldo Castineira2511ESP=000=000=X1.5

Can Morozevich get back his motivation after this?

Still out of form @ chesstigers.de

The Polish GM Radoslaw Wojtaszek is still only 23, but has already achieved some high-level results over the past few years. His most notable result however was at a junior level as he was World under eighteen champion in 2004.

Fressinet has been making steady progress over the last few years and could be the third French player with a 2700+ rating on the next list (Etienne Bacrot and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave are already there noting that former French number one Joel Lautier is essentially retired).

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