What should I do if I suspect a player of cheating?

If you see or suspect a player for violating the rules, you can submit the game that is deemed suspicious for verification within the next 24 hours. Request for a game verification At the end of a game, on the right side of the interface, you will see an exclamation mark appear. Click on it and select "Cheating". A window pops up, allowing you to select the game in question, and then validate your request, which will thus trigger the verification. After it is analyzed by an administrator, if cheating is proven, the result of the game will be changed, Elo points will be recalculated and penalties will be applied. Meanwhile, the tournament will be recalculated accordingly. The dishonest player will receive a reminder of rules and regulations and will be informed of any penalties imposed.
Penalties imposed on the cheater will be as follows::
- If it is the first time, the player will receive a warning that will be kept on his/her record.
- In case of recurrence, the player will receive a final warning before account suspension.
- At the third reporting the account will be suspended.

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