What should I do if I am facing disconnection problems?

Unlike browsing websites or watching videos, playing online games require a persistent and a perfectly uninterrupted connection.

The interruption of the connection can have several reasons and among the most common are:

- Connection mode:

For an optimal connection, choose the network cable connection. USB or Wi-Fi connections are indeed considered less stable. However if you have no choice but to sign in to a Wi-Fi network, here are some explanations and advice.

Wi-Fi connections are quite difficult to maintain due to the low transmission power. The quality of the Wi-Fi signal is highly dependent on factors such as the material used (transmission/reception antenna) or the obstacles between the antennas (metal parts).

Here are some tips that can make Wi-Fi network more reliable:

- Place the Wi-Fi antenna about 30 cm away from the wall.

- Place the antennas at a right angle, one with relative to the other (perpendicularly)

- Choose 1, 6 or 11 transmission channels to avoid interference from other appliances or telephony. (The channel is set in the ADSL Box or the router. Refer to documentation)

- The signal must be at least "Good" or "Very Good" or "Excellent". Otherwise, the signal will be too weak and the interruptions may occur.

- Warned Users: In Windows XP, the energy saving can create network interruptions. (To resolve this issue, go to properties of the network adapter and disable "Allow Windows to deactivate this device.")

- Warned Users: In Windows XP, also the network may reset itself after some time. (To resolve this issue, edit the system registry. In the code HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesLanmanServer, add or modify the key word Autodisconnect (DWORD) with the value of ffffffff (Hexadecimal) or 4294967295 (Decimal)

- Connection:

- The quality of your ADSL filters is important (brand filters). Also verify that there is an ADSL filter in all the sockets to which a telephone is connected.

- The use of a telephone extension cord can cause problems. Take them out whenever possible. (There are special ADSL extensions that are shielded and less prone to losses)

If the problems persist, perhaps it will be wise to contact your service provider to verify your connection line/ your ADSL device (Box or router). You can request your service provider to measure the actual capacity of your ADSL line. If they tell you that the actual data connection speed is less than what you have subscribed for, you can ask to go for a lower speed and the quality of your connection can be improved.

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