What is Elo rating?

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The Elo rating, named after its inventor Arpad Elo, a Hungarian mathematician, calculates the level of players between them. This rating is based on the probability of winning between the players.

On the site, each player sees their Elo rating automatically updated at the end of each game. Even if the rating of the site does not have the same official status as the rating of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) because of various conditions (at home, in front of a screen, 2D, quiet, no opponent in front, etc.), it anyway allows one to determine the level of the opponents.

Estimation of levels:

  • 1000-1300 = beginner
  • 1400-1700 = club player and occasional competition player
  • 1800-2000 = regular competition player
  • 2100-2300 = strong amateur player
  • 2400 = International Master
  • 2500 = International Grandmaster
  • 2600 = World's Top 100
  • 2700 = World's Top 50
  • 2800 = World champion

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