What are the penalties for cheating?

If after verifying the cheating is proven, the cheater will be disqualified from the tournament, the points of the game in question will be awarded to the opponent and the scores of the tournament will be recalculated. In addition, Elo points will be re-adjusted for the game in question, even after if the tournament is over. And finally, if the cheater is a repeat offender (at least 2 tournaments over a 1 month period), he/she will be banned from tournaments until further notice.

However, it is up to the player to carefully think before attempting to cheat. We remind you that at the time of registration, the box indicating: "I agree to adhere to the guidelines", which very clearly states the formal prohibition of using an analysis module to play, has been checked. Failure to observe this part of the "contract" makes us totally respect our part of the contract, and paid access to the cheater’s game area is no longer guaranteed.

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