US Championships

The USA Championships have begun in St. Louis with a unusual format, which is new to 2011 and highly original. The champion Gata Kamsky is the favorite this year in the absence of US No.1 Hikaru Nakamura.
The presence of 50-year-old Yasser Seirawan, who rarely plays these days, will add some spice to the pot.

There will be two eight player round robins in the 2011 U.S. Championship. The top two from each section qualify for the knockout stage. The semifinal and final matches will each consist of two games.

The games in rounds 1 to 7 will be everyday from 2pm to 8pm (local time).

There is a seven hour difference between St. Louis and Paris. So 2pm (St. Louis) =

8pm London

9pm Paris, Madrid

11pm Moscow

Live play:live

Round Robin 1:

1Gata Kamsky2733
2Yury Shulman2622
3Varuzhan Akobian2611
4Jaan Ehlvest2586
5Alexander Stripunsky2578
6Alexander Ivanov2540
7Ray Robson2522
8Daniel Naroditsky2438

The average Rating of this pool is 2578.75.

Round Robin 2:

1Alexander Onischuk2678
2Yasser Seirawan2636
3Alexander Shabalov2590
4Larry Christiansen2586
5Gregory Kaidanov2569
6Robert Hess2565
7Sam Shankland2512
8Ben Finegold2500

Here the average rating is 2579.5.

The time control will be 40 moves in 90 minutes, followed by 30 minutes for the remainder of the game. The players have additionally a 30 second increment from move one.

The Prize Fund is an impressive $166,000.

Place Prize
1st $40,000
2nd $30,000
3rd $20,000
4th $15,000

Plus $2,000 to the winner of each round robin.

Those who don't get to the Semi-finals won't go home empty handed either.

Round Robin RankPrize
3rd $8,000
4th $6,000
5th $5,000
6th $4,000
7th $3,000
8th $2,500

There will also be $5,000 for Best Game Prizes throughout both Championships.


There will be play-offs in the Semifinals and final. Two rapid games (25 mins + 5 second increment). If necessary the game will go to a rapid Armageddon game, where one player gets 45 minutes and the other less but a choice of colour.

The 2011 U.S. Women's Championship also has a new format. A preliminary round robin stage of eight players, with four qualifying for the knock-out stage. The semi-finals and finals will consist of two game matches.

It's amazing how the Americans are so adept at finding original ways of determining their champions!

1IMIrina Krush2472x
2WFMTatev Abrahamyan2326x
3IMRusudan Goletiani2367x
4IMAnna Zatonskih2499x
5FMAlisa Melekhina2304x
6WIMIryna Zenyuk 2245x
7WGMCamilla Baginskaite2342x
8WGMSabina Foisor2350x

The Prize Fund.

Place Prize
1st $18,000
2nd $12,000
3rd $9,500
4th $7,000
5th $4,000
6th $3,000
7th $2,500
8th $2,000

Plus $1,000 to the winner, $600 for second place and $400 for third place in the round robin.

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Rate of play and tie-break identical to the Mixte championship.

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