US championship in St.Louis

The 'big three' won in the first round, but sole female player Irina Krush's win over Kaidanov was the biggest surprise. Maybe her preparation method caught her opponent by surprise!

The first round results:

1GM Alexander Stripunsky25700-1GM Hikaru Nakamura2733
2GM Gata Kamsky27021-0GM Ray Robson2569
3GM Joel Benjamin25650-1GM Alexander Onischuk2699
4GM Yury Shulman26130.5-0.5GM Vinay Bhat2547
5GM Ben Finegold25390.5-0.5GM Varuzhan Akobian2599
6GM Aleksandr Lenderman25980-1GM Melikset Khachiyan2539
7GM Alex Yermolinsky25280-1GM Jaan Ehlvest2591
8GM Robert Hess25901-0IM Samuel Shankland2507
9GM Jesse Kraai24920.5-0.5GM Alexander Shabalov2585
10GM Larry Christiansen25781-0GM Dmitry Gurevich2488
11IM Irina Krush24551-0GM Gregory Kaidanov2577
12GM Sergey Kudrin25710.5-0.5IM Levon Altounian2454

The pairings for the second round which will be played in the late evening (for Europeans!) are the following:

1GM Hikaru Nakamura2733GM Robert Hess2590
2GM Melikset Khachiyan2539GM Gata Kamsky2702
3GM Alexander Onischuk2699GM Larry Christiansen2578
4GM Jaan Ehlvest2591IM Irina Krush2455
5IM Levon Altounian2454GM Yury Shulman2613
6GM Varuzhan Akobian2599GM Jesse Kraai2492
7GM Alexander Shabalov2585GM Ben Finegold2539
8GM Sergey Kudrin2571GM Vinay Bhat2547
9IM Samuel Shankland2507GM Aleksandr Lenderman2598
10GM Gregory Kaidanov2577GM Joel Benjamin2565
11GM Dmitry Gurevich2488GM Alexander Stripunsky2570
12GM Ray Robson2569GM Alex Yermolinsky2528

The players on the top four boards all have one point, boards 5-8 feature those who drew yesterday, and the bottom four boards involve those who lost yesterday.

You can watch the games live and can find more information on the official tournament site.

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