Ukraine wins again... and so does Ivanchuk!

That makes six straight wins for Vassily Ivanchuk, a remarkable performance as his win made all the difference in the 2.5-1.5 victory over Georgia.
Karjakin beat Tomashevsky as Russia 1 shade out Russia 2.
In the Women's event the all-conquering Russia 1 team demolished the pesky Hungarians.

The leader-board looks as follows with Russia 1 taking on Ukraine tomorrow and Hungary against Azerbaijan on the second board.

CountryMatch pts.Tie-BreakGame points.Board 1Other notable scores
Ukraine13153.521Ivanchuk 6/6!!Efimenko 5.5/7
Russia 112164.519KramnikKarjakin 5.5/6
Azerbaijan12139.520.5MamedyarovGuseinov 6/7
Poland1116020WojtaszekMiton 5/6
China1115518Wang YueWang Hao 5.5/7
Georgia11148.521JobavaPantsulaia 5.5/6
Belarus1113920S.ZhigalkoTeterev 5/6 Podolchenko 4/5
Russia 21014420NepomniachtchiTimofeev 4/5
Cuba1013218Dominguez Perez
Russia 310129.516.5Jakovenko
Israel1012218.5GelfandSutovsky 5/6
Netherlands10121.516Van WelyAnish Giri 5.5/7
Serbia1012019SedlakIvanisevic 5/6
Slovakia1012017.5Movsesian 5.5/7
Iran10102.518Ghaem MaghamiToufighi 5.5/6

As for individuals go, Ivanchuk's 6/6 gives him a performance off the scale (!) whereas Karjakin's 5.5/6 is second best so far in the Open.

Here are the videos to watch! Courtesy of Europe Echecs.

Russia 1 are looking hard to stop in the Women's event. It will be India's turn to take them on tomorrow with Serbia meeting Georgia.

CountryMatch pts.Tie-breakGame points.Board 1Other notable scores
Russia 114176.521.5Tatiana KosintsevaNadezhda Kosintseva 5.5/7 Kosteniuk 5.5/7
Georgia12157.521Dzagnidze 5/6Melia 6/7 Khukhashvili 4/4
India1214820.5Harika 5.5/7Karavade 5.5/7
Serbia11147.520.5BojkovicStojanovic 6/7 Chelushkina 4/5
Hungary11143.518Hoang Thanh Trang
Russia 211131.517.5PogoninaBodnaruk 4.5/5
Bulgaria1113116.5StefanovaVelcheva 4.5/5
China10155.519Hou Yifan 5.5/7Ju Wenjun 5.5/7
Ukraine10152.519LahnoGaponenko 4.5/5
Cuba10134.520Ordaz ValdesMarrero Lopez 5.5/6 Pina Vega 5/6
Germany1013219Paehtz 5/6Fuchs 5/6
Slovakia1011919.5RepkovaMrvova 5.5/7
Greece1011918.5DemboMakropoulou 6/7
Russia 31010819Kovanova 5/6
Peru109617Cori TChumpitaz 5.5/7

Starting times for the rounds 8-10 are as follows:

Khanty Mansiysk 3pm

Moscow 1pm

Paris, Madrid 11am

London 10am

New York 6am

Los Angeles 3am

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Ian Nepomniachtchi (Russia 2) ©
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