Topalov opens his mark!

The Clash between the World Champion and the No.1 on the FIDE rating list led to a tense draw with Carlsen creating pressure, but Anand held firm.
Veselin Topalov finally won a game, but only after Bacrot blundered.

It was amazing how Carlsen was able to generate tension and winning chances from the symmetrical pawn structure which was so reminiscent of an Exchange French. The Norwegian pressed and in the middlegame obtained a superior pawn structure with bishop against knight. However his attempt to penetrate was met by perpetual check.

Veselin Topalov: First win! (chessanytime)
Magnus Carlsen: Always No.1 in Nanjing (chessanytime)

Etienne Bacrot waved a red rag at the bull by inviting Topalov to sacrifice a pawn in the Queen's indian Defence. The Bulgarian was very active at first, but Bacrot gradually diffused the White initiative and stood quite well until he blundered two pieces for a rook and with it all hopes.

Vugar GashimovAZE27190.5-0.5Wang YueCHN2732Petroff Defence67
Veselin TopalovBUL28031-0Etienne BacrotFRA2716Queen's Indian Defence37
Magnus CarlsenNOR28260.5-0.5Viswanathan AnandIND2800Spanish Berlin68

In a standard-looking Petroff Wang Yue played ambitiously by advancing with both ...g5 and ...b5. Later, in the pseudo-endgame, he was willing to sacrifice a pawn for strong pressure, but Gashimov was able to return the pawn for a rook ending where White had the upper hand. Wang Yue was however able to defend.

Here are the standings after the seventh round. Today's results led to Anand catching Bacrot, whereas Topalov is now equal with Gashimov:

1Magnus CarlsenNOR28265
2=Viswanathan AnandIND28004
2=Etienne BacrotFRA27164
4=Veselin TopalovBUL28033
4=Vugar GashimovAZE27193
6Wang YueCHN27322

Carlsen is now a full point ahead.

Here is a summary of the previous rounds:

Round 1:

Viswanathan AnandIND28000.5-0.5Wang YueCHN2732Slav/Grünfeld
Magnus CarlsenNOR28261-0Etienne BacrotFRA2716Scotch Opening
Veselin TopalovBUL28030.5-0.5Vugar GashimovAZE2719Slav Defence

Round 2:

Wang YueCHN27320.5-0.5Vugar GashimovAZE2719Nimzoindian Defence
Etienne BacrotFRA27160.5-0.5Veselin TopalovBUL2803Nimzoindian Defence
Viswanathan AnandIND28000.5-0.5Magnus CarlsenNOR2826Spanish Breyer

Round 3:

Magnus CarlsenNOR28261-0Wang YueCHN2732Petroff Defence
Veselin TopalovBUL28030-1Viswanathan AnandIND2800Queen's Gambit Declined Lasker
Vugar GashimovAZE27190-1Etienne BacrotFRA2716English Opening

Round 4:

Vugar GashimovAZE27190.5-0.5Magnus CarlsenNOR2826Spanish Breyer
Etienne BacrotFRA27161-0Viswanathan AnandIND2800Slav Defence
Veselin TopalovBUL28030.5-0.5Wang YueCHN2732Slav Defence

Round 5:

Viswanathan AnandIND28000.5-0.5Vugar GashimovAZE2719Slav/Grünfeld Defence25
Magnus CarlsenNOR28261-0Veselin TopalovBUL2803Spanish d332
Wang YueCHN27320-1Etienne BacrotFRA2716Queen's Indian Defence42

Round 6:

Wang YueCHN27320-1Viswanathan AnandIND2800Catalan/Bogoljubov51
Etienne BacrotFRA27160.5-0.5Magnus CarlsenNOR2826Queen's Indian Defence48
Vugar GashimovAZE27190.5-0.5Veselin TopalovBUL2803Caro-Kann Panov43

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