Time-out in Khanty Mansiysk

Today is the first rest day in the 39th Olympiad and gives the teams time to take stock and prepare for the second week.
The leading teams will be battling out again on Monday.
Meantime have a look at the leader-boards and our videos.

CountryMatch pts.Game points.Board 1Other notable scores
Georgia1017.5Jobava 4/5Pantsulaia 4/5
Armenia1015AronianPashikian 4/5
Hungary1013.5LekoPolgar 4/5
Ukraine915.5Ivanchuk 4/4!Efimenko 4.5/5
Netherlands913Van WelyAnish Giri 4.5/5
Russia 2815.5Nepomniachtchi
Czech rep.815.5NavaraLaznicka 4/5
Azerbaijan815MamedyarovGuseinov 4.5/5
Poland815WojtaszekMiton 4/4
USA814.5NakamuraKamsky 4/5
Russia 1814Kramnik
Estonia813.5KulaotsVolodin 4/5
Vietnam813Le Quang Liem
Russia 3812.5Jakovenko

Here are the videos to watch! Courtesy of Europe Echecs.

In the Women's section there are only two leaders:

CountryMatch pts.Game points.Board 1Other notable scores
Ukraine1016LahnoGaponenko 4/5 M.Muzychuk 4/5
Russia 11015Tatiana KosintsevaNadezhda Kosintseva 4/5
USA915Krush 4.5/5
Hungary914Hoang Thanh TrangMadl 4/5 Vajda 4/5
Georgia816DzagnidzeMelia 4.5/5
Poland816SockoMajdan-Gajewska 4.5/5
Russia 3815.5Kovanova 5/5!
India815HarikaKaravade 4.5/5
Armenia815Danielian 4.5/5Mkrtchian 4/5
Germany815PaehtzFuchs 4/5
China814.5Hou Yifan 4/5Ju Wenjun 4/5
Russia 2813Pogonina
Italy812.5SedinaZimina 5/5!

More tomorrow!

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The eldest of the Polgar sisters has an impressive CV in the chess world, but nowadays is no longer playing. Instead she has other chess interests, see the following sites to find out more!

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Here are a selection of our recent photos starting with those of the former World Women's champion.:

Zsuzsa Polgar - working hard! ©chessanytime.com
Zsuzsa Polgar - more relaxed! ©chessanytime.com
A tank in the park! ©chessanytime.com
The first ever female 'Chief Arbiter' at an Olympiad ©chessanytime.com
Sava Stoisavljevic from Serbia has kept things running smoothly so far. ©chessanytime.com
Wang Yue (China)©chessanytime.com
Natasa Bojkovic (Serbia) ©chessanytime.com
John Donaldson (USA coach)©chessanytime.com
A canvas Karpov, the real one is out canvassing!?©chessanytime.com
Greek GM, and former boxer, Efstratios Grivas (bodily harm?)©chessanytime.com
Max Dlugy (USA) 1985 World Junior Champion ©chessanytime.com
Poster-boy Motylev ©chessanytime.com
'Shak' publicizing chess! ©chessanytime.com

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