The ultimate fair play gesture!

Moiseenko and Navara
In yesterday's round, in the final position David Navara offered a draw when his opponent had no chance to survive! So this means David Navara and Alexander Moiseenko must now fight out the qualification place in the tie-breaks. Why was the Czech GM so generous to his opponent? Read on!

After an epic struggle Navara had finally broken down Moiseenko's resistance in the technically tricky endgame of King and Queen versus King and Rook.

I even thought that the result was a win for Black, and I wasn't alone!

However David Navara decided that he didn't want to win this particular game because of something that happened earlier on.

In the middlegame, he had intended to move his bishop, but seemed to have touched his king first of all. His opponent mentioned this at the time, but didn't pursue his case for two reasons:

1. Navara wasn't sure that he touched his king first, and in any case certainly wasn't intending to move the king.

2. It's clear that a GM wouldn't have intended to move his king in that position.

The end of the discussion, or so it seems!

The Czech GM obtained the upper hand and gradually pressed home his advantage. However just when it was time for his opponent to resign, he offered a draw. He probably felt that he didn't have a moral right to win such a game after the earlier incident.

An honorable gesture from which we can all learn.

Whatever is at stake (and here it's a great deal!), we shouldn't be playing chess because we want to 'win at all costs'. Chess should be played, not just within the rules, but with respect for one's opponent and with due regard to what is 'fair'.

We all want to win, but there are other principles that are more important.

A fine gesture that will do a great deal of good for the image of chess and chess Grandmasters.

For more details, play through the game, and go to the official site:

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