The rise of young women continues!

The best women in the world are improving and the statistics below demonstrate the fact. Many are still quite youthful and I expect to see several more 2600+ women in the next few years.

There have been no changes in the top five, but Nana Dzagnidze (up from 9th to 6th) and Pia Cramling (up from 14th to 9th) have risen strongly into the top ten. Six players have their career highest, including Dzagnidze, the Kosintseva sisters and Hou Yifan. A sign perhaps that the general level is going up, as is the fact that eleven of the fifteen involved gained rating points. The youthful Asian pair Dronavalli Harika and Wenjun Ju continue to advance, as of course are the Kosintseva sisters.

Humpy Koneru has regained her 2600 status, but the race to see who will be the third 2600 woman in history is hotting up.

Humpy Koneru: 2600 again (chessbase)
Hou Yifan: career highest (chessanytime)
Tatiana Kosintseva: racing her sister towards 2600 (chessanytime)
Nadezhda Kosintseva: edging always upwards (chessanytime)
Nana Dzagnidze: up to sixth (chessanytime)
Antoaneta Stefanova: a consistent 2010 (chessanytime)
RankingPrevious RankingNameCountryAgeRating 1/11/10Rating 1/9/10Rating 1/7/10Rating 1/5/10rating 1/3/10Career Highest
11Judit Polgar HUN34268626822682268226822735
22Humpy Koneru IND23260025932600262226222623
33Hou YifanCHN16259125782577258925702591
44Tatiana Kosintseva RUS24258125732562253425242581
55Nadezhda Kosintseva (IM) RUS25257625652551255325542576
69Nana DzagnidzeGEO23255125342498247824792551
76Antoaneta Stefanova BUL31254825512560256025552560
88Anna Muzychuk (IM) SLO20253025352527252925332542
914Pia Cramling SWE47252625092517253625232550
1012Dronavalli Harika (IM) IND19252525152504249124732525
1111Wenjun Ju (WGM)CHN19252425162496250025002524
127Kateryna Lahno UKR20252225392535252725182539
1313Viktorija Cmilyte LTU27251425132527251424852527
1410Alexandra Kosteniuk RUS26250725242519251925242540
1515Maia Chiburdanidze GEO49250225002514251425142560

The same fifteen players occupy the 2500+ arena as two months ago.

Just below, and within one victory of the magic 2500 mark, are the following three players Monika Socko (Poland, 2495), Irina Krush (USA, 2495) and Marie Sebag (FRA 2494). Each of whom are the top ranking player in their respective countries.

Anna Muzychuk: well-established in the top ten, but not yet a GM (chessanytime)
Pia Cramling: forever young (chessgames)
Dronavalli Harika: Top Ten for the first time (chessanytime)
Irina Krush: Can she make it to 2500? (chessanytime)

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