The new Elo ratings are out!

No change amongst the top three, but Kramnik's poor form has seen him slip behind Aronian into fifth place. Eljanov makes further progress and moves up to sixth by one rating point.
The youngest player in the 2700-club is now Fabiano Caruana who plays for Italy but was born in Miami.

There are 37 players rated 2700 or more. Two are new: Laurent Fressinet and Fabiano Caruana, who both enter the list for the first time, whereas Alexander Onischuk and Peter Heine Nielsen have slipped out of this 'elite' category.

The biggest riser was Michael Adams after a remarkable run in the British Championship.

As you can see in the list below (in bold in the 1/9/10 column), only nine of these players have gained rating points in the previous couple of months.

RankingNameCountryAgeRating 1/9/10Rating 1/7/10Rating 1/5/10rating 1/3/10Career Highest
1Magnus CarlsenNOR1928262826281328132826
2Veselin TopalovBUL3528032803281228052813
3Viswanathan AnandIND4028002800278927872803
4Levon AronianARM2727832783278327822786
5Vladimir KramnikRUS3527802790279027902811
6Pavel EljanovUKR2727612755275127362761
7Alexander GrischukRUS2627602760276027562760
8Shakhriyar MamedyarovAZE2527562761276327602763
9Vassily IvanchukUKR4127542739274127482787
10Boris GelfandISR4227512739274127502761
11Ruslan PonomariovUKR2627492734273327372749
12Alexei ShirovESP3827492749274227372755
13Teimour RadjabovAZE2327482748274027402761
14Sergey KarjakinRUS2027472747273927252747
15Hikaru NakamuraUSA2227332729273327352735
16Wang YueCHN2327322716275227492752
17Peter SvidlerRUS3427312734273527502765
18Michael AdamsENG3827282706269727042755
19Dmitry JakovenkoRUS2727262726272527252760
20Vladimir MalakhovRUS2927252732272227212732
21Peter LekoHUN3027242734273527352763
22Wang HaoCHN2127242724272227152724
23Sergei MovsesianSVK3127232723271727092751
24David NavaraCZE2527222731271827082731
25Maxime Vachier-LagraveFRA1927212723271027272730
26Vugar GashimovAZE2427192719273427402759
27Laurent FressinetFRA2827182697268926702718
28Etienne BacrotFRA2727162720271027142731
29Leinier Dominguez PerezCUB2627162716271327132721
30Baadur JobavaGEO2627102710271526952715
31Nikita Vitiugov RUS2327092722270727102722
32Zoltan AlmasiHUN3427072717272527202725
33Ian NepomniachtchiRUS2027062706269526562706
34Gata KamskyUSA3627052713270227022745
35Evgeny TomashevskyRUS2327012708270827012708
36Fabiano CaruanaITA1827002697267526802700
37Alexander MorozevichRUS3327002715271527152788

In the right-hand column, those players who have their career best rating at the present time have had their peak rating highlighted. Apart from newcomers Fressinet and Caruana, both Ukrainians Eljanov and Ponomariov have achieved their highest ever rating.

In terms of age Boris Gelfand is the oldest and Fabiano Caruana the youngest. There are three teenagers (Carlsen and Vachier-Lagrave as well as Caruana), three 40+s (Anand, Ivanchuk and Gelfand), ten players between 30 and 39, and as many as 21 players in their twenties.

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