The leader wobbles!

The tournament is wide open as Nakamura defeats Shirov and gets himself within half-a-point of the leader. Carlsen dominates Ivanchuk and is now also breathing down Shirov's neck!
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For much of the game Shirov seemed to be the one making the aggressive moves whereas Nakamura was trying to consolidate. Later on when Black's attempts at seizing the initiative had been nullified it turned out that Nakamura's king was the more secure and he gradually prised open his opponent's.

Carlsen against Ivanchuk was rather one-sided as Black's temporary pawn sacrifice in the opening was shown to be dubious. Regaining the pawn came at a heavy price as Ivanchuk fell into a nasty pin and, rather than losing a piece, he gave his queen for some play against White's king. However Carlsen demonstrated that Black didn't have enough.

Short seems to be gradually getting his form back and today he was close to beating Kramnik.

Smeets against Dominguez was a delightful tactical mêlée that led to perpetual check.

Caruana against Anand livened up with some tricky tactics which led to the Indian taking a repetition and his seventh draw.

Tiviakov played his trademark Worrall Attack against the Spanish but all the manoeuvring only led to equality.

Van Wely offered a draw quite early when there was still plenty of play in the position, perhaps five losses in a row is enough for anyone! Karjakin is also stuck in drawing mode.

Fabiano CaruanaITA26750.5-0.5Viswanathan AnandIND2790D45Semi-Slav 6 Qc2
Sergey TiviakovNED26620.5-0.5Peter LekoHUN2739C77Spanish Worrall
Jan SmeetsNED26570.5-0.5Leinier DominguezCUB2712B96Sicilian Najdorf
Loek van WelyNED26410.5-0.5Sergey KarjakinRUS2720E15Queen's Indian Defence
Nigel ShortENG26960.5-0.5Vladimir KramnikRUS2788C43Petroff's Defence
Hikaru NakamuraUSA27081-0Alexei ShirovESP2723B43Sicilian Sveshnikov
Magnus CarlsenNOR28101-0Vassily IvanchukUKR2749D10Chebanenko Slav

So Shirov's lead has been pegged back to half-a-point with Carlsen and Nakamura closing in.

1Alexei ShirovESP27235.5
2=Magnus CarlsenNOR28105
2=Hikaru NakamuraUSA27085
4Vladimir KramnikRUS27884.5
5=Vassily IvanchukUKR27494
5=Leinier DominguezCUB27124
7=Viswanathan AnandIND27903.5
7=Peter LekoHUN27393.5
7=Sergey KarjakinRUS27203.5
10=Nigel ShortENG26962.5
10=Fabiano CaruanaITA26752.5
10=Sergey TiviakovNED26622.5
13=Loek van WelyNED26411.5
13=Jan SmeetsNED26571.5


Just as in the A-Group there were two White wins and five draws in round seven. The youthful pair Howell and So thus gained ground and join Ni Hua and L'Ami in equal second.

Anish GiriNED25880.5-0.5Erwin l'AmiNED2615E04Catalan Opening
David HowellENG26061-0Tomi NybackFIN2643C45Scotch Opening
Anna MuzychukSLO25230.5-0.5Emil SutovskyISR2666B10Caro-Kann 2 c4
Arkadij NaiditschGER26870.5-0.5Ni HuaCHN2657A16English Opening
Wesley SoPHI26561-0Dimitri ReindermanNED2573A90Dutch Stonewall
Varuzhan AkobianUSA26280.5-0.5Liviu-Dieter NisipeanuROM2681E11Bogoindian Defence
Parimarjan NegiIND26210.5-0.5Penteala HarikrishnaIND2672B17Caro-Kann Defence

Giri was the only leader of the three (the others being Shirov and Robson) not to lose, and he retains a full point lead.

1GMAnish GiriNED25885.5
2=GMNi HuaCHN26574.5
2=GMWesley SoPHI26564.5
2=GMErwin l'AmiNED26154.5
2=GMDavid HowellENG26064.5
6=GMArkadij NaiditschGER26874
6=GMPenteala HarikrishnaIND26724
8GMParimarjan NegiIND26213.5
9GMEmil SutovskyISR26573
10=GMLiviu-Dieter NisipeanuROM26812.5
10=GMTomi NybackFIN26432.5
10=IMAnna MuzychukSLO25232.5
13GMVaruzhan AkobianUSA26282
14GMDimitri ReindermanNED25731.5

Group C

Vocaturo makes it 4/4 with White whilst taking the scalp of Ray Robson, who is still in the lead as second placed Li Chao-b also lost.

Stefan KuipersNED23400.5-0.5Soumya SwaminathanIND2323B19Caro-Kann Defence
Zhaoqin PengNED24020.5-0.5Marya MuzychukUKR2447E32Nimzoindian Defence
Benjamin BokNED23220-1Robin SwinkelsNED2495B66Sicilian Richter-Rauzer
Daniele VocaturoITA24951-0Ray RobsonUSA2570C11French Defence
Sjoerd PlukkelNED22790-1Abhijeet GuptaIND2577B50Sicilian Defence
Li Chao-bCHN26040-1Nils GrandeliusSWE2515A18English Opening
Robin van KampenNED24560.5-0.5Kjetil LieNOR2547B27Sicilian Defence

Grandelius is rapidly rising up the field after a poor start. Gupta is up to equal second only half-a-point off the lead.

1GMRay RobsonUSA25705.5
2=GMLi Chao-bCHN26045
2=GMAbhijeet GuptaIND25775
4=GMDaniele VocaturoITA24954.5
4=IMRobin SwinkelsNED24954.5
6IMRobin van KempenNED24564
7=GMKjetil LieNOR25473.5
7=IMNils GrandeliusSWE25153.5
7=GMZhaoqin PengNED24023.5
7=FMStefan KuipersNED23403.5
11WGMMarya MuzychukUKR24472.5
12FMBenjamin BokNED23222
13=WGMSoumya SwaminathanIND23231
13=-Sjoerd PlukkelNED22791

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