The European Youth Chess Championships has finished.

The event on the Black Sea sort of Batumi, Georgia took place from the 20th to 29th of September.
The new European U-18 champion is Vasif Durarbeyli who pipped the Armenian Samvel Ter-Sahakyan on tie-break.

This annual event gives Europe's leading junior players (there were about 750 in the various age categories) a chance to compete for influential titles. Many of today's elite were quite recently competing in these events. The performances achieved illustrates the standard at the top of each category.

Open Under 18 results:

1stDurarbeyli Vasif GMAZE249582729
2ndTer-Sahakyan Samvel GMARM251682711
3rdBogdanovich Stanislav IMUKR24646,52400

Durarbeyli beat Bologan earlier this year, so this result is no surprise, but it's still a tough break for the Armenian player who also obtained eight points.

Here are the results of the nine other sections.

Open Under 16 results:

1stBukavshin Ivan FMRUS243072507
2ndGrigoryan Karen H-ARM229072478
3rdKovalev Vladislav FMBLR23286,52435

Open Under 14 results:

1stBortnik Alexandr -UKR23027,52370
2ndUsmanov Vasily -RUS221972311
3rdGiroyan Gary -FRA22446,52252

Open Under 12 results:

1stAli Marandi Cemil Can FMTUR21807,52191
2ndShtembuliak Evgeny FMUKR20207,52021
3rdParavyan David -RUS 209372138

Open Under 10 results:

1stGazik Viktor -SVK18258,539
2ndNikitenko Mihail -BLR1843743
3rdMaltsev Leonid -UKR1869740

Open Under 8 results:

1stGadimbayli Abdulla Azar -AZE1755843,5
2ndSargsyan Shant -ARM-7,540
3rdShevchenko Kirill -UKR-743,5

Girls Under 18 results:

1stTsatsalashvili Keti WIMGEO226672343
2ndKulon Klaudia WFMPOL 21966,52276
3rdAbdulla Khayala Mardan WIMAZE21936,52266

Girls Under 16 results:

1stDanelia Mariam WIM GEO 22137,52359
2ndArabidze Meri WIMGEO22887,52337
3rdTurkova Karolina -SVK19176,52158

Girls Under 14 results:

1stFataliyeva Ulviyya Hasil -AZE19597,52102
2ndStyazhkina Anna WFMRUS19746,52067
3rdGogishvili Dea - GEO 18996,51976

Girls Under 12 results:

1stGoryachkina Alexandra WFMRUS205782199
2ndOsmak Iulija -UKR197982171
3rdHaussernot Cecile WFMFRA20286,51908

Girls Under 10 results:

1stKiolbasa Oliwia -POL1595740
2ndJibuti Nata -GEO-738
3rdJalaghonia Nino -GEO1528736,5

Girls Under 8 results:

1stAndreeva Antova Gabriela -BUL7,541
2ndGoltseva Ekaterina -RUS-742
3rdShpanko Nadiia -UKR1630737,5

The French obtained two bronzes and Turkey a gold but otherwise all the other medals were scooped up by Eastern European and Caucasion nations, who therefore seem likely to maintain their dominance for some time to come.

The events were all nine round Swisses and (as you can ascertain) above, the age groups varied from the under 8s to the under 18s for both boys and girls.

The time limit seems to be the standard one in FIDE events (such as here in the Olympiad) 90 minutes for 40 moves + 30 minutes with an incremental 30 seconds per move (starting from move one).

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Georgia is a small country located in the region known as the Caucasus at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Despite being a minnow in size (approximately 69,700 square kilometers) it's well-known as a strong chess nation, and was particularly so for women (World Champions Gaprindashvili and Chiburdanidze are both Georgian) in the seventies and eighties.

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