The 11th Karpov Poikovsky tournament begins

This year's Karpov Poikovsky tournament in Siberia has begun with an evenly-matched field.
The favourite is Sergei Karjakin who, apart from being the youngest player, has recently been in good form winning the strong ACP rapid event in Odessa.
Alexander Motylev will be hoping to repeat last year's performance as he won the 10th edition by a full point.

The difference between the 'youngest and strongest' Sergei Karjakin rated 2739 and the 'oldest and weakest' Ivan Sokolov on 2654 is relatively little compared to most closed tournaments. This should lead to a tight tournament where the eventual winner will be hard to predict in advance.

NameCountryRatingWorld rankingAge
Sergey KarjakinRussia27391420
Dmitry JakovenkoRussia27252126
Baadur JobavaGeorgia27152626
Nikita VitiugovRussia27073223
Sergei RublevskyRussia27043335
Alexander MotylevRussia27043430
Alexander Onischuk USA 26993834
Arkadij NaiditschGermany26864724
Victor Bologan Moldavia 26686438
Alexander RiazantsevRussia26745824
Emil SutovskyIsrael26617532
Ivan SokolovBosnia-Herzegovina26548341

A couple of curious statistics: Jobava is 26-years-old and 26th in the world, whereas Vitiugov is 32nd at the age of 23!

All the players are in the World's top 100.

You can follow the games live on Live games from 10am (London time).

You may also like to investigate the official tournament site. However it is in Russian!

The first round results follow later.

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