Streets of London

You don't see frolicking beef-eaters that often on the streets of London, but if you wait long enough a red bus may come your way!
In the tournament several players are trying their best but are still having to be patient as they just can't seem to get their first win under their belt. Maybe tomorrow will be their day.
Four hard fought games but no wins today.

No real change in the points table as all four encounters were drawn. At least the public had the chance to see all the games fought out to dead drawn endgames, that shows that the players were at least trying their hardest to win!

NameCountryRatingAgeWorld rankingSofia pointsStandard pointsElo points change
Magnus CarlsenNOR280119283+3.4
Vladimir KramnikRUS277234572.5+0.8
Hikaru NakamuraUSA2715222442+0.2
Michael AdamsENG2698383642-0.7
David HowellENG25971920242+5.8
Luke McShaneENG26152515841.5+0.5
Nigel ShortENG2707442931.5-8.3
Ni HuaCHN2665266031.5-1.7

In the fourth round games on Saturday no one ever looked as if they were winning.

Nakamura obtained a well dug-in position against Carlsen's isolated queen's pawn. Indeed it was the Norwegian on the defensive (with White) for most of the game, but he didn't seem in any real danger.

Adams bailed out very quickly into a pawn-down endgame with rooks and opposite bishops. His judgement and technique were up to the task of holding out. Not very elegant, but effective.

Luke McShane played a popular move order to avoid David Howell's favourite Gruenfeld Defence. This led to Black having damaged pawns, but there wasn't any real way of pressurizing them. Even after all the pieces were exchanged there wasn't any progress to be made.

Nigel Short won a pawn but was immediately on the defensive in the resulting Rook and Knight versus Rook and Bishop endgame. Short's position was so poorly co-ordinated, with his knight being very passive, that he never looked like winning.

Magnus CarlsenNOR28010.5Hikaru NakamuraUSA2715Slav Defence (D17)
Vladimir KramnikRUS27720.5Michael AdamsENG2698Queen's Gambit Declined (D37)
Luke McShaneENG26150.5David HowellENG2597English (Anti-Gruenfeld) Opening (A15)
Nigel ShortENG27070.5Ni HuaCHN2665French Defence (C11)

Tomorrow's line-up has both of Carlsen and Kramnik playing with the Black pieces.

Ni HuaCHN2665vs.Magnus CarlsenNOR2801
David HowellENG2597vs.Vladimir KramnikRUS2772
Hikaru NakamuraUSA2715vs.Luke McShaneENG2615
Michael AdamsENG2698vs.Nigel ShortENG2707

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Nigel - Short of wins!
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Ni Hua battled to a draw.
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