Status Quo in Linares

There was no change in the rankings for the second day running after three rather calm draws today.
Topalov and Grischuk lead, the only two players to have won a game so far.

Gelfand was unable to obtain any advantage as White in the Catalan as Topalov managed to simplify into a drawn rook ending.

Aronian equalized comfortably in a quiet line of the Spanish and then various attempts to generate winning chances, especially by Aronian, couldn't break the deadlock.

The opening variation in Grischuk-Vallejo Pons involved Black sacrificing a piece for several pawns. White's king turned out to be somewhat exposed and the Spaniard was able to engineer a repetition.

Vugar GashimovAZE27590.5-0.5Lev AronianARM2781Spanish Anti-MarshallC88
Alexander GrischukRUS27360.5-0.5Francisco Vallejo PonsESP2705Slav DefenceD17
Boris GelfandISR27610.5-0.5Veselin TopalovBUL2805Catalan OpeningE05

So after four rounds Topalov and Grischuk have 2.5/4 and lead by half-a-point over Aronian and Vallejo Pons.

World RankingNameCountryPresent RatingCareer highest ratingPre-Linares virtual ratingPointswins
2Veselin TopalovBUL2805281328052.51
15Alexander GrischukRUS2736274827562.51
5Levon AronianARM278127862782.320
31Francisco Vallejo PonsESP270527112708.220
6Boris GelfandISR276127612750.41.50
7Vugar GashimovAZE275927592740.21.50

Before this event, Alexander Grischuk was winning enough rating points to go past his previous high, and furthermore has started well!

Both of Gelfand and Gashimov have their career highest ratings at present but are expecting to go down on the next list.

The other three players Topalov, Aronian and Vallejo Pons are within 'one good tournament' of surpassing their previous high-points.

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