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Denis Khismatullin
One hundred years ago this month, Mikhail Botvinnik was born in the vicinity of St.Petersburg and an open was one of the many events that have been organized as celebration of the influential World Champion. The best tie-break, from the seven finishing equal first, was that of Russian GM Denis Khismatullin.

One of the principal events of the "100 years of Mikhail Botvinnik" involved a prestigious open, which was held from the 11th-20th August at the Mikhail Chigorin Chess club in St.Petersburg.

It's worth noting that Mikhail Botvinnik was born in Repino, St.Petersburg on the 17th of August 2011.

The top prize in the 9-round open was 4500 Euros, hence the strong field. 

Here are the final standings in the  166-player open:

Rank Name Rating Country Points
1 Denis Khismatullin 2656  RUS  7
2 Aleksej Aleksandrov 2609 BLR 7
3 Pavel Ponkratov  2593 RUS 7
4 Semen Dvoirys   2554 RUS 7
5 Jakov Geller (IM) 2535 RUS 7
6 Yuri Yakovich 2539 RUS  7
7 Valerij Neverov 2500 UKR 7
8 Pavel Maletin 2575 RUS 6.5
9 Vadim Zvjaginsev  2659 RUS 6.5
10 Vladimir Epishin 2553 RUS 6.5
11 Andrey Baryshpolets (IM)  2474 UKR 6.5 
12 Denis Yevseev 2527 RUS 6.5
13 Yuriy Kuzubov 2630 UKR 6.5 
14 Valerij Popov 2550 RUS  6.5
15 Daniil Lintchevski   2553 RUS 6.5

Two IMs were amongst the GMs on the leader board. One of them, Jakov Geller, earned a GM-Norm.

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