ShSM-64 at a canter!

The leaders swept aside the Economist second team 5-1 to confirm and enhance their position. So by the margin of two match points and a few game points to boot, ShSM-64 are this year's champions.
It's all over for another year and everyone can go home from Dagomys, which, if you didn't know, is a Black Sea resort close to Sochi (see the map).

Otherwise, apart from 64's predictable win, there were some tight matches in the last round. The most tense of these being Saint Petersburg overcoming Economist-1 in a morale-boosting victory, and thus earned them second place.

Pre-round rankingTeam (White on odds)ResultPre-round rankingTeam
8Chigorin Chess Club4-210BelGU
3SPb Chess Fed3.5-2.52Economist-SGSEU-1

Here are the final standings.

RankingTeamELO averageMatch pointsGame pointsTop board
1ShSM-6427001636.5Boris Gelfand 2750
2SPb Chess Fed27001433Vasily Ivanchuk 2748
3Economist-SGSEU-127041233Wang Yue 2749
4Yugra26891129.5Alexander Grischuk 2756
5Ural26181129Ian Nepomniachtchi 2656
6Tomsk-4002687929Ruslan Ponomariov 2737
7Chigorin Chess Club2584823.5Ildar Khairullin 2617
8Etude-Contact2555625Igor Khenkin 2597
9Economist-SGSEU-22548317.5Alexander Kovchan 2595
10BelGU2493014Alexander Ivanov 2481

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