Shake up amongst the leaders.

The sensation of the day was St.Petersburg losing to the Ural team despite out-rating them on all six boards.
In the clash between the closely matched '64' and Economist teams it was the famous Russian magazine that came out on top and has, in consequence, taken the overall lead.

Both ShSM-64 and Economist have leading Chinese players in their ranks and their games swayed the match result. Wang Hao won for 64 (against Tomashevsky) whereas Ni Hua lost for Economist-SGSEU-1 against Riazantsev. The other Chinese player involved, Wang Yue on top board for Saratov, had Black against Gelfand and drew a long game. Karjakin was the third winner for 64 against Eljanov.

The Ural team downed the leaders St.Petersburg by making five draws and one win on board five - Ponkratov (2593) beating Zvjaginsev (2643).

Pre-round rankingTeam (White on odds)ResultPre-round rankingTeam
6Ural3.5-2.51SPb Chess Fed
4Yugra4.5-1.55Chigorin Chess Club

Here are the standings after round 6:

RankingTeamELO averageMatch pointsGame pointsTop board
1ShSM-6427001123.5Boris Gelfand 2750
2SPb Chess Fed2700924Vasily Ivanchuk 2748
3Economist-SGSEU-12704821.5Wang Yue 2749
4Yugra2689819.5Alexander Grischuk 2756
5Ural2618618.5Ian Nepomniachtchi 2656
6Chigorin Chess Club2584616Ildar Khairullin 2617
7Tomsk-4002687519.5Ruslan Ponomariov 2737
8Etude-Contact2555415Igor Khenkin 2597
9Economist-SGSEU-22548313Alexander Kovchan 2595
10BelGU249309.5Alexander Ivanov 2481

The top three teams are as follows:

ShSm-64 (The legendary 64-magazine team

NameCountryRatingWorld ranking
Boris GelfandISR27509
Sergey KarjakinRUS272521
Wang HaoCHN271525
Fabiano CaruanaITA268052
Boris GrachevRUS266760
Alexander RiazantsevRUS266071
Evgeniy NajerRUS266565
Boris SavchenkoRUS265283

SPb (St.Petersburg) Chess federation

NameCountryRatingWorld ranking
Vasily IvanchukUKR274811
Peter SvidlerRUS27508
Nikita VitiugovRUS271028
Sergei MovsesianSVK270929
Vadim ZvjagintsevRUS2643101
Zahar EfimenkoUKR2640105
Konstantin SakaevRUS2635118
Vasily YemelinRUS2576236

Economist- SGSEu-1 (Saratov in Southern Russia, actual European champions)

NameCountryRatingWorld ranking
Wang YueCHN274910
Pavel EljanovUKR273616
Evgeny TomashevskvyRUS270136
Evgeny AlekseevRUS270037
Ni HuaCHN266762
Alexander MoiseenkoUKR266859
Michael RoizISR265286

Other 2700 players present:

NameCountryRatingWorld rankingTeam
Alexander GrischukRUS27567Yugra
Ruslan PonomariovUKR273715Tomsk
Dmitry JakovenkoRUS272520Yugra
Vladimir MalakhovRUS272122Yugra
Alexander MotylevRUS270532Tomsk
Pavel Eljanov: Four wins and a loss before today's loss to Karjakin.@Wikipedia

Women's team championship

The final round involved three close matches:

Dvorets 1.5-2.5 Economist-SGSEU
ShSM 1.5-2.5 Chigorin
Giprorechtrans 1.5-2.5 SPb Chess Fed

The victory on top board for Cmilyte over Zhukova won the match and (indeed as it turns out) the title for St.Petersburg.

A happier ending for Viktorija Cmilyte than the last round of the European Women's Championship!

RankingTeamSeedingMatch pointsBoard pointsTop board
1SPb Chess Fed2915Viktorija Cmilyte 2485
2Giprorechtrans5813Natalia Zhukova 2492
3AVS1714.5Antoaneta Stefanova 2555
4ShSM3613Alexandra Kosteniuk 2524
5Economist-SGSEU4611.5Zhao Xue 2490
6Dvorets739Marina Romanko 2409
7Chigorin Chess Club638Tatjana Molchanova 2369

So a day of mixed fortunes for St.Petersburg: Losing a key match and the lead in the Premier league, but on the other hand stealing the Women's title.

For more information official tournament site

It will help to be able to read Russian as the English version is out-of-date!

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