Sebastien's 2859 performance

If you ever wondered what it takes to obtain a mega-performance, then you can look at Sebastien Feller's series of wins below. Not many experienced GMs have ever achieved a 2800+ result, so Sebastien Feller joins a select few.

Here are the final standings. The first three all had exceptional performances.

SeedTitle and NameRatingCountryPointsPerformance
1GM Sebastien Feller2611FRA82859
2GM Tigran Gharamian2650FRA7.52728
3IM S.P Sethuraman2513IND72671
4IM B.Adhiban2483IND62566
5GM Yuri Solodovnichenko2558UKR62569
6GM Alberto David2622LUX62570
7IM Dan Zoler2474ISR62542
8GM Mohamed Al-Modiakhi2566QAT62524
9IM Lorin A R D'Costa2456ENG62543
10GM Zhu Chen2476QAT62521
11GM Abhijit Kunte2521IND62490
12IM Dennis Breder2429GER62467
13IM Eesha Karavade2378IND62384

Sebastien Feller achieved his performance with seven wins and two draws. Here are the list of his opponents (victims?):

RoundOpponentratingCountryFeller's result
1Khosla Shiven2335IND1
2Maxime Lagarde2414FRA1
3GM Jorge Cori2486PER1
4IM B. Adhiban2483IND1
5GM David Alberto2622LUX1
6IM S.P Sethuraman2513IND1
7GM Tigran Gharamian2650FRA0.5
8GM Mohamed Al-Modiakhi2566QAT1
9GM Yuri Solodovnichenko2558UKR0.5

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