Russia in the home straight

Russia were comfortable winners as expected whereas the US slipped up against Armenia. Now a win tomorrow will ensure the gold for Russia.

Russia are now well on track for gold and can only be denied if Israel beat them tomorrow.

The United States also have the hurdle of the Azerbaijani team (who by winning will obtain silver) in the last round. There is a good chance that Mamedyarov (with 7.5/8) will be ready and willing to play.

The United States need to draw their remaining match in order to ensure second place whereas a loss could mean them finishing out of the medals.

Russia 3.5-0.5 Egypt

Russia are now one point ahead and play Israel tomorrow for the title.

Armenia 2.5-1.5 United States

Aronian 1-0 Nakamura dents the US board one's previous exceptional performance.

Aronian won the day for Armenia
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Azerbaijan 3-1 Greece

Mamedyarov wins again! What an incredible performance by him.

Turkey 1.5-2.5 Brazil

The Brazilians scrape through and move off the bottom.

India 2.5-1.5 Israel

Ganguly 1-0 Postny

RankCountry+=-Match (Game) pts.
1Russia611 13 (21)
2USA602 12 (19.5)
3Azerbaijan512 11 (20)
4India512 11 (17.5)
5Armenia422 10 (17.5)
6Israel314 7 (16)
7Greece305 6 (15.5)
8Brazil206 4 (12)
9Egypt115 3 (11)
10Turkey115 3 (10)

As for the individual performances, the highest percentages on each board are highlighted, on the condition that the player has played at least four games.

The highest performing player of all is Mamedyarov with 6.5/7 closely followed by Nakamura's 5.5/6 on board 1!

Russia rating average (over top four) 2729

1GMAlexander Grischuk273624066.7
2GMDmitry Jakovenko273023070
3GMAlexander Morozevich273212333.3
4GMEvgeny Tomashevsky270521162.5
5GMVladimir Malakhov271633075
6GMNikita Vitiugov269241090

Match points 13

Game points 21

Azerbaijan rating average 2718

1GMVugar Gashimov275913335.7
2GMTeimour Radjabov273334071.4
3GMGadir Guseinov261402133.3
4GMShakhriyar Mamedyarov274171093.8
5GMRauf Mamedov264012240
6GMNidjat Mamedov261011075

Match points 11

Game points 20

Armenia rating average 2697

1GMLevon Aronian278134162.5
2GMVladimir Akopian267834162.5
3GMGabriel Sargissian268014150
4GMArman Pashikian264713150
5GMTigran L Petrosian262704140
6GMTigran Kotanjian2537

Match points 10

Game points 17.5

Israel rating average 2686

1GMBoris Gelfand276113241.7
2GMMichael Roiz265705050
3GMIlia Smirin266813150
4GMEmil Sutovsky265732166.6
5GMEvgeny Postny264813150
6GMMaxim Rodshtein262204140

Match points 7

Game points 16

USA rating average 2658

1GMHikaru Nakamura270851178.6
2GMAlexander Onischuk267044075
3GMYuri Shulman262404233.3
4GMVaruzhan Akobian262824157.1
5GMRobert L Hess257210150
6IMRay Robson257002050

Match points 12

Game points 19.5

India rating average 2641

1GMKrishnan Sasikiran265334162.5
2GMPentala Harikrishna267214242.9
3GMShekhar Ganguly Surya265424066.6
4GMGopal Geetha Narayanan258412150
5GMSubramanian Arun Prasad256713150
6IMBaskaran Adhiban251102050

Match points 11

Game points 17.5

Ganguly, now the leading board three
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Brazil rating average 2625

1GMGiovanni Vescovi266002612.5
2GMRafael Leitao262024066.6
3GMAlexandr Fier260107143.8
4GMGilberto Milos261804233.3
5GMAndre Diamant249701216.7
6GMDarcy Lima2481100100

Match points 4

Game points 12

Greece rating average 2601

1GMVasilios Kotronias259904328.6
2GMIoannis Papaioannou262523158.3
3GMHristos Banikas260825156.3
4GMStellos Halkias256622250
5GMDimitrios Mastrovasilis257111075
6GMAthanasios Mastrovasilis251001125

Match points 6

Game points 15.5

Egypt rating average 2519

1GMAhmed Adly259133164.3
2GMBassem Amin254424250
3IMMohamed Ezat24710040
4IMKhaled Abdel Razik246802320
5IMImed Abdelnabbi244802225
6IMWalaa Sarwat238601312.5

Match points 3

Game points 11

Turkey rating average 2501

1GMKivanc Haznedanglu249811330
2IMMert Erdogdu25130158.3
3IMMustafa Yilmaz247811425
4IMEmre Can244222250
5IMBaris Esen251311425
6FMBurak Firat241312066.7

Match points 3

Game points 10

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