Rilton Cup in Stockholm

The traditional New Year's event from Sweden attracted a strong field.
With the top boards drawn there was a five-man tie for first with Rozentalis having the best tie-break.

The top thirteen players were only separated by half-a-point, eight of them Russian.

RankingTitle and NameCountryRatingPointsTie-break
1GM Eduardas RozentalisLTU26116.536.5
2GM Radoslaw WojtaszekPOL26376.534.5
3IM Pavel PonkratovRUS25756.533.5
4GM Luke McShaneENG26156.533.5
5GM Igor LysyjRUS26096.533
6GM Aleksandr ShimanovRUS2535634
7GM Sergey IvanovRUS2530632.5
8IM Nils GrandeliusSWE2540631.5
9GM Sergey IonovRUS2545631.5
10GM Valerij PopovRUS2588631.5
11GM Evgeny GleizerovRUS2566630.5
12GM Florian HandkeGER2512630.5
13IM Eduard GorovykhRUS2410628

The winner of the tournament on tie-break was the experienced Lithuanian Grandmaster Eduardas Rozentalis rated 2611.

This year's champion Rozentalis
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The highest rated local was IM Nils Grandelius who is still a junior. Surely Sweden's next GM?

Popov playing against Grandelius the highest placed Swede.
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