Riazantsev takes the Biel open on tie-break.

Alongside the 'Young Masters' round robin there was the traditional eleven round 'Masters' swiss in Biel, played from the 19th to the 30th of July.
The top seed finished ahead of the pile, but only just(!) as seven players made their way to equal first on 8/11.

One of the most competitive opens on the European circuit led to a seven-way tie on eight points.

The favourite Alexander Riazentsev was placed ahead of Nadezhda Kosintseva and Leonid Kritz (on buchholz) to take the highest spot on the podium.

The most notable result was perhaps the second place obtained by World No.6 (on the female list) Nadezhda Kosintseva. Not surprisingly, with such a high position, she obtained a valuable GM-norm. Both sisters seem to be on the rise and are challenging each other in the race towards the 2600 mark!

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The final Standings of the leading players were as follows:

1Alexander RiazantsevGM2682RUS874.5
2Nadezh KosintsevaIM2551RUS873.5
3Leonid KritzGM2618GER872
4Sebastien FellerGM2611FRA871.5
5Christian BauerGM2612FRA871.5
6Vitali GolodGM2585ISR871
7Sebastien MazeGM2573FRA864
8Arnaud HauchardGM2526FRA7.571.5
9Victor MikhalevskiGM2610ISR7.570
10Michael RoizGM2645ISR7.566.5
11Evgeny GleizerovGM2573RUS7.563.5
12Igor LysyjGM2631RUS771.5
13Mikhail UlibinGM2540RUS771.5
14Sasha KaplanIM2422ISR769.5
15Milos PavlovicGM2534SRB766.5
16Benjamin BokFM2449NED766.5
17Yannick PelletierGM2589SUI766
18Vladim OnoprienkoIM2343RUS764.5
19Mohammed Al-SayedGM2498QAT764.5
20Miso CebaloGM2500CRO764
21Alex DomontIM2328SUI764
22Husein Aziz NezadIM2398QAT761.5
23Marsel EfroimskiWFM2169ISR758

As the leader board suggests, this was a varied international field as usual (18 nations), with particularly strong French and Israeli contingents this time around. Overall there were 16 GMs out of 115 participants.

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