Radjabov and Ponomariov make their charge!

After the eleventh round Pavel Eljanov finds himself a whole point ahead of the chasing pack and is clearly a strong favourite to win the tournament.
In the Grand Prix Radjabov's win and Gashimov's loss leaves the young Azeri in the driving seat for the final Candidates qualification slot.

Teimour Radjabov played the Exchange Spanish against Mamedyarov and obtained a nagging edge. Later he organized favourable exchanges to leave him with a superior queen ending where Black could only wait whilst Radjabov organized a win.

Ponomariov also won a controlled positional game, as his centralized bishop dominated Gashimov's knight as it pressed down on both wings.

The other games were drawn leaving Eljanov comfortably ahead on 7/11 with two games to go.

1Teimour Radjabov27401-0Shakhriyar Mamedyarov2763Spanish Exchange C68
2Evgeny Alekseev27000.5-0.5Peter Svidler2735Sicilian Scheveningen B83
3Ruslan Ponomariov27331-0Vugar Gashimov2734Nimzoindian with g3 E20
4Ernesto Inarkiev26690.5-0.5Wang Yue2752Petroff's defence C42
5Dmitry Jakovenko27250.5-0.5Boris Gelfand2741Petroff's defence C42
6Peter Leko27350.5-0.5Vladimir Akopian2694Spanish open C83
7Vassily Ivanchuk27410.5-0.5Pavel Eljanov2751Queen's Indian defence E16

In the highlights of the twelfth round, Eljanov is paired against Jakovenko, who by winning could catch the leader.

'Pono' unpredictable in Astrakhan @ official site.

Ponomariov who has had his ups and downs has Black against Wang Yue.

Furthermore, Gashimov and Radjabov are both on plus one and meet in a game that could be decisive for the Grand Prix qualification spot.

Game No.NameRatingResultNameRatingOpening
1Peter Svidler2735Boris Gelfand2741
2Pavel Eljanov2751Dmitry Jakovenko2725
3Vladimir Akopian2694Vassily Ivanchuk2741
4Sahkhriyar Mamedyarov2763Peter Leko2735
5Vugar Gashimov2734Teimour Radjabov2740
6Wang Yue2752Ruslan Ponomariov2733
7Evgeny Alekseev2700Ernesto Inarkiev2669

Pavel Eljanov now has a clear point advantage.

A full point ahead @ official site.
RankingNameCountryPresent RatingPoints
1stPavel EljanovUkraine27517
2nd-5thVugar GashimovAzerbaijan27346
2nd-5thDmitry JakovenkoRussia27256
2nd-5thRuslan PonomariovUkraine27336
2nd-5thTeimour RadjabovAzerbaijan27406
6th-10thEvgeny AlekseevRussia27005.5
6th-10thBoris GelfandIsrael27415.5
6th-10thPeter LekoHungary27355.5
6th-10thShakhriyar MamedyarovAzerbaijan27635.5
6th-10thWang YueChina27525.5
11th-12thVassily IvanchukUkraine27415
11th-12thPeter SvidlerRussia27355
13thErnesto InarkievRussia26694.5
14thVladimir AkopianArmenia26944

For further information on this event, I suggest that you go to the official tournament site.

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