Prizes and Play-offs in Rijeka

The tournament in Rijeka is over for most players, but for some an extra effort is required. Medals and qualification places have to be decided on play-off day. Here is a summary of what is at stake with the results due later in the day.

Today is play-off day! The titles in both competitions were already clear after 11 rounds but there were various issues left undecided. A rapid rate of play is employed, as the players may have to play several games before their lot is clear! At first the time limit will be 15 minutes plus an increment of 10 seconds per move. Later, if this doesn't settle the issue then a type of Blitz with 5'+2" is used.

The match (over two games) to determine the silver and Bronze medals:

GMArtyom Timofeev RUS2655GMBaadur Jobava GEO2695

The winner of this match will receive the second prize of 15,000 Euros whereas the loser will have to settle for 11,000.

There will also be the question of how to split the players who finished on 7.5/11, who take about 1,000 Euros each in prize money. Here are the 30 candidates for 12 places including, 29 GMs, one IM, and Bartosz Socko whose wife Monika is also involved in a play-off!

GMVladimir Akopian ARM26887.5
GMSergei Movsesian SVK27097.5
GMBartosz Socko POL26377.5
GMVadim Zvjaginsev RUS26437.5
GMEvgeny Vorobiov RUS26167.5
GMEvgeny Alekseev RUS27007.5
GMIgor Kurnosov RUS26747.5
GMFerenc Berkes HUN26597.5
GMEmil Sutovsky ISR26507.5
GMRauf Mamedov AZE26397.5
GMIvan Sokolov BIH26387.5
GMVladimir Potkin RUS26067.5
GMLiviu-Dieter NisipeanuROU26617.5
GMStelios HalkiasGRE25807.5
GMBojan VuckovicSRB26307.5
GMPavel TregubovRUS26257.5
GMAthanasios MastrovasilisGRE25117.5
IMRobert HovhannisyanARM24987.5
GMDenis KhismatullinRUS26577.5
GMNikita MaiorovBLR25107.5
GMBoris GrachevRUS26677.5
GMErnesto InarkievRUS26677.5

The following eight had the worst tie-break (Median-Buchholz!) and have to compete in the preliminary series of matches:

GMZbynek HracekCZE26157.5
GMVladimir BelovRUS26197.5
GMDavid Navara CZE27087.5
GMGabriel SargissianARM26757.5
GMSergey Volkov RUS26127.5
GMDavid HowellENG26127.5
GMYuri DrozdovskijUKR26277.5
GMVlastimil BabulaCZE25547.5

As a reminder here is how the qualifiers finished:

RankingTitleNameNationRatingPointsprize in euros
1GMIan Nepomniachtchi RUS2656920,000
2=GMArtyom Timofeev RUS26558.515k or 11k?
2=GMBaadur Jobava GEO26958.515k or 11k?
4=GMIgor Lysyj RUS261585,714
4=GMZahar Efimenko UKR264085,714
4=GMArman Pashikian ARM265285,714
4=GMZoltan Almasi HUN272085,714
4=GMEvgeny Tomashevsky RUS270185,714
4=GMIvan Salgado Lopez ESP259285,714
4=GMMaxim Rodshtein ISR260985,714

Women's championship

The first two places have been decided but there will be a mini-tournament for the bronze medal between five players. The prizes will be adjusted accordingly but if I have understood the rules, the bronze medal and third place will earn 6,500 Euros, whereas the other four players will have to settle for 3625 Euros:

GMMonika SockoPOL2465
GMMarie SebagFRA2506
GMTatiana KosintsevaRUS2524
WGMNatalia ZhukovaUKR2492
IMYelena DemboGRE2457

The top seven players have already booked their ticket to the next World Cup:

RankingTitleNameNationRatingPointsPrize in euros
1GMPia CramlingSWE2523910,000
2IMViktorija CmilyteLTU24858.58,000
3=GMMonika SockoPOL246586.5k or 3625?
3=GMMarie SebagFRA250686.5k or 3625?
3=GMTatiana KosintsevaRUS252486.5k or 3625?
3=WGMNatalia ZhukovaUKR249286.5k or 3625?
3=IMYelena DemboGRE245786.5k or 3625?

The six lowest placed of the players on 7.5 have to fight it out in play-off matches to eliminate three players.

8=GMAntoaneta StefanovaBUL25557.51,500
8=IMAnna MuzychukSLO25337.51,500
8=IMNadezhda KosintsevaRUS25547.51,500
8=IMMariya MuzychukUKR24447.51,500

The unlucky gladiators will be:

8=IMEkaterina KovalevskayaRUS24387.51,500
8=IMNino KhurtsidzeGEO24347.51,500
8=WFMNastassia ZiaziulkinaBLR21887.51,500
8=IMAlmira SkripchenkoFRA24567.51,500
8=IMAnna UsheninaUKR24527.51,500
8=IMIweta RajlichPOL24597.51,500

More information on the official tournament site

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