Ponomariov turns the tables

One of these two had to lose. In fact Ponomariov perhaps thought it was going to be himself after losing the first of the rapid games with White. However three confident wins in a row settled the issue in his favour.

Finally we know the name of the second finalist, who after a rest day tomorrow will play Gelfand in a Classical match (over four games) to determine the champion. Both Boris Gelfand and Ruslan Ponomariov (despite his fairly young age) could be considered 'experienced' and have competed at such a high level before. A rest day is really what Ponomariov could do with in order to get himself ready to affront Gelfand who has the advantage of having an extra day off.

So to summarize what happened today.

NameCountryRatingAgeOriginal seedClassical game 1Classical game 2Rapid game 1Rapid game 2Rapid game 3Rapid game 4
Vladimir MalakhovRUS270629220.50.51000
Ruslan PonomariovUKR27392670.50.50111

Just to remind you here is how Gelfand qualified yesterday from the other Semi-final:

NameCountryRatingAgeOriginal seedClassical game 1Classical game 2
Boris GelfandISR275841111
Sergey KarjakinUKR2723191200

So after a decent run and a handy pay check for consolation we can say goodbye to the losing semi-finalists.

Karjakin will gain from the experience and has plenty of time to come back and go further in future.

The less-well known Malakhov has made a name for himself here and will surely get plenty of invitations to top tournaments in the future.

It looked good for Malakhov at one point, but then it got worse and worse!
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Here are some interesting statistics:

NameCountryRatingAgeClassical winsClassical drawsClassical lossesRapid winsRapid drawsRapid lossesBlitz winsBlitz drawsBlitz lossesOverall winsOverall drawsOverall drawsPercentage
Boris GelfandISR2758415614601101013168.8
Ruslan PonomariovUKR2739262100651---815164.6
Vladimir MalakhovRUS270629390913---1210368
Sergey KarjakinUKR272319453430---88363.2

So Malakhov is eliminated despite having a better overall percentage than Ponomariov since the beginning of the event. Gelfand having the slightly better percentage of all the semi-finalists.

Exit for Malakhov and Karjakin.
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