Ponomariov back into top ten

Having had time to look at the rating consequences of the Dortmund super-GM tournament, I have calculated that Ponomariov will go up from 14th to 10th in the world rankings.
For those who like to see top GM games with annotations, go to the notable games section where I have analyzed some games from Dortmund 2010.

The rating changes from Dortmund were as follows:

NameWorld rankingCountryRatingRating change
Ruslan Ponomariov14UKR2734+14.6
Le Quang Liem55VIE2681+13
Vladimir Kramnik4RUS2790-9.8
Shakhriyar Mamedyarov6AZE2761-5.2
Peter Leko16HUN2734-10.4
Arkadij Naiditsch51GER2684-1.4

By gaining almost 15 points Ponomariov goes up to 10th place and Le Quang Liem jumps 12 places moving into the top fifty.

Going in the opposite direction are Kramnik (who will drop a place to fifth behind Aronian) and Mamedyarov (who will fall behind Grischuk).

All these calculations are provisional, but at the end of the month (when the new ratings come out) we'll see if Ponomariov will stay that high!

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