Ponomariov and Svidler qualify

Ruslan Ponomariov
Black wins for Peter Svidler and Ruslan Ponomariov have determined two of the qualifiers for the Semi-Finals. Teimor Radjabov kept up his 100% record with White to equalize his match with Vassily Ivanchuk, so they will require a tie-break. The same goes for David Navara and Alexander Grischuk after their second draw.

Match 1:

Judit Polgar sacrificed a pawn for some pressure in an opposite bishop middlegame. She had a repetition if she wanted, but decided to play for more. However it soon became apparent that she was getting less.

Judit Polgar

Svidler made no mistakes in finishing her off.

Seed Name Country Rating World ranking: Present/Best ever C1 C2 R1 R2 R3 R4 B1 B2 AB Score
09 Peter Svidler RUS 2739 16/4 ½w   1b               1.5
33 Judit Polgar HUN 2699 48/8 ½b  0w               0.5

Match 2:

Teimour Radjabov's revenge came in an unusual manner. The Azerbaijani sacrificed a piece for two pawns in the opening, hoping that the passed h-pawn would cause some damage. Ivanchuk was unable to find an effective answer and indeed the h-pawn went the whole way! 

Seed Name Country Rating

World ranking:


C1 C2 R1 R2 R3 R4 B1 B2 AB Score
02 Vassily Ivanchuk UKR 2766 7/2 1w  0b               1
07 Teimour Radjabov    AZE 2744 13/5 0b 1w              

Tie-break 3:

David Navara played positionally and pressed with 'good knight' versus 'not so great bishop', with a pair of rooks apiece. He made decent progress and even won a pawn, but Grischuk found a way to wriggle out, but Navara will probably have a few regrets that he couldn't squeeze out a win.

Seed Name Country Rating

World Ranking:


C1 C2 R1 R2 R3 R4 B1 B2 AB Score
06 Alexander Grischuk   RUS 2746 9/6 ½w  ½b               1
14 David Navara   CZE 2722 42/14 ½b  ½w               1

Tie-break 4:

From a Berlin Defence, simplification left Ponomariov with the superior minor piece, and he ground away. It took him over 100 moves, but in this case the knight beat the bishop!

Seed Name Country Rating World Ranking: Present/Best ever C1 C2 R1 R2 R3 R4 B1 B2 AB Score

Ruslan Ponomariov 

CUB 2764 8/6 ½w  1b               1.5
05 Vugar Gashimov   AZE 2760 11/6 ½b 0w               0.5

There will be two matches in the tie-breaks tomorrow. However, Gashimov's first loss as White means he won't be there. Peter Svidler is now the only unbeaten player remaining in the competition.

Peter Svidler

For more information go to the official site: http://chess.ugrasport.com/

Live games: http://chess.ugrasport.com/?cat=12

If you want to follow the live games then note the following:

The local starting time is 3pm and 3pm Khanty Mansiysk = 11am Paris = 10am London = 5am New York = 2am Los Angeles.

All the photos today are from the official site.

The total prize fund is of $1.600.000 (about 1.100.000€):

First round losers win $6.000 (about 4.100€);

Second round losers win $10.000 (or roughly 6.900€);

Third round losers $16.000 (or 11.000€);

Fourth round $25.000 (or 17.000€);

Fifth round (Quarter-finals) $35.000 (or 24.000€);

Sixth round (Semi-final) $50.000 (or 34.500€);

Losing finalist $80.000 (or 55.000€);

The winner receives $120.000 (or 82.500€).




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