Play chess on your Iphone!

It's now possible to play chess online against real opponents with your Iphone!
Subscribers to Chessanytime are now able to download the brand new application 'SimpleChess'!

In order to meet the demand, and after several months preparation, we are happy to announce that SimpleChess is up and running! No need to pay any extra, your present subscription is sufficient to have the full benefits, and all the fun of playing chess on your Iphone.

Download the application

Not sure? It's also possible to try it out in guest mode, see below!

> It's practical, quick and easy to use, so why don't you and your friends have fun with SimpleChess!

This enables you to play when on the move!

Are you interested?

Here are some further details:

> Standard functions:

> - access in guest mode is totally free

> - no limit on the number of games

> - hundreds of players 24/24

> - quick response time

> - transmission time regained on the clock

> - two ways of making moves : start square/finishing square or 'drag and drop'

> - opt for 'automatic pairings' or 'choose your opponent'

> - wide choice of rates of play.

> - 13 chessboard designs, 20 piece designs

> Other functions:

> - look back at the game

> - watch games that are underway

> The pluses of becoming a member:

> - choose your own pseudo

> - rating updated after each game

> - statistics

> - select the strength of your opponent

> - look back at your 10 previous games

> - receive all your games by e-mail

Here are some pictures to give you an even better idea about SimpleChess...

If you want to download the application, you can do so now!

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