Notable Olympiad Performers

After travelling back home the leading players are resting whilst preparing for the next major tournaments in the calendar. So we have time to take another look at the best performances in the Olympiad.

Top players by rating performance in the Open.

1 GM Emil Sutovsky 2665 Israel 2895 6.5/8
2 GM Vassily Ivanchuk 2754 Ukraine 2890 8/10
3 GM Levon Aronian 2783 Armenia 2888 7.5/10
4 GM Sergey Karjakin 2747 Russia 1 2859 8/10
5 GM Vitaly Teterev 2511 Belarus 2853 7/8
6 GM Ian Nepomniachtchi 2706 Russia 2 2821 6.5/9
7 GM Zoltan Almasi 2707 Hungary 2801 7/10

Seven players performed at over 2800 with Emil Sutovsky scraping ahead of the inspired Vassily Ivanchuk by a handful of performance points.

Naturally Aronian and Karjakin will be gaining further rating points and will now both be (provisionally) at their career highest.

The same is true of Nepomniachtchi who seems to be going from strength to strength.

The highest placed IM was Kirill Stupak (Belarus) in 64th place and he plus Sabino Brunello (Italy) both achieved GM norms. The only other GM-norm I could ascertain in the Open was a marginal 9-round one by Thomas Roussel-Roozman of Canada.

Top players by rating performance in the Women's event.

1 IM Inna Gaponenko 2469 Ukraine 2691 7.5/8
2 IM Nadezhda Kosintseva 2565 Russia 1 2662 8.5/10
3 WGM Ju Wenjun 2516 China 2636 9.5/11
4 GM Tatiana Kosintseva 2573 Russia 1 2628 7/10
5 WGM Zeinab Mamedjarova 2234 Azerbaijan 2623 9/11

The only woman to achieve a (mixed!?) GM-Norm was Zeinab Mamedjarova who played the required three GMs. A remarkable result as the Azerbaijani board one played at almost 400 points above her rating.

Nadezhda Kosintseva performed again at an impressive level but only played one GM. However in her case the GM-title must only be a matter of time. Her sister Tatiana played plenty of GMs but didn't need this norm as she already has the title.

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Here is our post-Olympiad photo gallery:

A GM-norm for Zeinab Mamedjarova (Azerbaijan and Shakriyar's sister) chessanytime
Further progress from Nepomniachtchi (Russia 2)
Ju Wenjun helped China to silver
Sergey Karjakin, still improving.
Nadezhda: racing her sister towards 2600!
Inna Gaponenko (Ukraine) ©
Vassily led his country to victory ©
Emil Sutovsky took the board two prize ©
Aronian leads the Armenian team that have won the two previous two Olympiads. ©
Tatiana Kosintseva the top board one in the Women's Olympiad
Radjabov looks over Mamedyarov's shoulder (both Azerbaijan)

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