No winners in Kazan

Gata Kamsky (official site)
Vladimir Kramnik and Alexander Grischuk battled out their most entertaining game so far, but a draw resulted anyway. In the other encounter, Boris Gelfand again tried a fashionable gambit-line aginst Kamsky's pet-Grünfeld, but couldn't find anything better to do than regain the pawn whilst simplifying to a balanced rook endgame.

Both matches will require the tie-breaks tomorrow as the draws just keep on coming!

Today Vladimir Kramnik was determined to create some play, and to this end he was willing to temporarily sacrifice a pawn in the opening. A double-edged middlegame ensued where Grischuk had the bishop pair and a passed c-pawn, but a weaker king.

Later the c-pawn became dangerous, but Kramnik had a perpetual check.

Both players have already played out a series of tie-break games to get this far. Vladimir Kramnik has drawn all eight of his classical games in Kazan, and even drew all four rapids against Teimour Radjabov. Alexander Grischuk has shown that he is tough to beat, and finished well ahead of Vladimir Kramnik in the recent high-level rapid event in Monaco.

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