No Change at the Top!

Many draws amongst the leading players have left the situation virtually unchanged going into tomorrow's rest day.
Jobava and Efimenko now have 6/7.
Monika Socko has the same score, and remains sole leader in the Women's event.

The two leaders, having already played together, had to 'float down' to players with a half-point less.

Before the round, there were two on 5.5, five on five and as many as 28 on 4.5 points from six games played.

When all the leaders draw, like today, it enables others to catch up, so things could become even tighter in the final four rounds.

1GMBaadur Jobava (5.5)GEO26950.5-0.5GMAlexander Riazantsev (5)RUS2660
2GMBojan Vuckovic (5)SRB26300.5-0.5GMZahar Efimenko (5.5)UKR2640
3GMZoltan Almasi (5)HUN27200.5-0.5GMIan Nepomniachtchi (5)RUS2656
4GMSergei Movsesian (4.5)SVK27090.5-0.5GMRauf Mamedov (5)AZE2639
5GMAleksander Delchev (4.5)BUL26250.5-0.5GMFrancisco Vallejo Pons (4.5)ESP2708
6GMVadim Zvjaginsev (4.5)RUS26430.5-0.5GMAlexander Motylev (4.5)RUS2705
7GMMichael Adams (4.5)ENG27040.5-0.5GMBartlomiej Macieja (4.5)POL2625
8GMEvgeny Tomashevsky (4.5) RUS27010.5-0.5GMPavel Tregubov (4.5)RUS2625
9GMVladimir Akopian (4.5) ARM26881-0GMSanan Sjugirov (4.5) RUS2602
10GMIvan Sokolov (4.5)BIH26381-0GMFabiano Caruana (4.5) ITA2680

As you can see in the table a number of the top seeds are not far behind and definitely still in contention.

The experienced contenders Vladimir Akopian and Rejkavik champion Ivan Sokolov are now only half-a-point off the lead.

Victor over Fabiano Caruana, Bosnian Ivan Sokolov explains his good form to Croatian Zdenko Kozul.
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In the women's event there were 15 players on 4.5 trailing the three on five and one on 5.5.

1WGMLilit Galojan (5) ARM23800.5-0.5GMMonika Socko (5.5)POL2465
2GMAntoaneta Stefanova (5) BUL25550.5-0.5IMViktorija Cmilyte (5) LTU2485
3IMNadezhda Kosintseva (4.5)RUS25540-1IMYelena Dembo (4.5) GRE2457
4IMAnna Muzychuk (4.5)SLO25330.5-0.5IMAlmira Skripchenko (4.5) FRA2456
5GMTatiana Kosintseva (4.5) RUS25240.5-0.5IMMariya Muzychuk (4.5) UKR2444
6GMPia Cramling (4.5) SWE25231-0IMEkaterina Kovalevskaya (4.5) RUS2438
7IMNino Khurtsidze (4.5)GEO24340.5-0.5WGMNatalia Zhukova (4.5)UKR2492
8GMNana Dzagnidze (4.5) GEO24790-1GMKetevan Arakhamia-Grant (4.5) SCO2447
9IMIweta Rajlich (4.5) POL24590.5-0.5WGMAnastasia Savina (4.5) RUS2391
10GMMarie Sebag (4) FRA25061-0WGMVera Nebolsina (4.5)RUS2310

Yelena Dembo, Pia Cramling and Ketevan Arakhamia all won and are now in the pack just behind Monika Socko.

Monika Socko drew with the Black pieces against Lilit Galojan but still leads.
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