New module "Tactics Training"

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Train your vision of the game and improve your efficiency and speed. Discover the typical chess maneuvers and combinations and become a master tactician!

1. Practice mode

You practice and re-practice the tactics series over and over again. It is classified by theme, objective and level. 10 000 puzzles are already available and this number will constantly change. Everything counts when finding a solution for these exercises! The number of attempts, number of failures, and also the time that you will need to find the right result! You will have to find all the moves of every combination! You will then be awarded a "Tactic Elo".

2. "Mix mode"

You generate a series of "random" puzzles. An excellent way to create your daily series of tactics exercises. Several options are available: you can generate puzzles from a series that is already solved, with new ones, or both. Nothing is better to work your memory to remember the positions that have been already seen and have proven to be very useful in solving puzzles that have been a problem.

3. "Battle mode"

This mode provides the opportunity to compete with others! Built on the principle of longterm play, you challenge a player of your choice and a series of puzzles is generated based on the strength of both players. You start solving your series when you like, and its speed and the number of errors will be counted. Your opponent does the same on his side (not necessarily at the same time), and the one with the highest score wins the "Battle"! You will then be awarded a "specific Battle Elo".

4. Tactics tournaments

Tactics tournaments will be scheduled regularly on the site. As a classic chess tournament, this game mode will take place live, with 4, 5 or 8 players. The series of exercises will be displayed at the same time to all the participants and it will be necessary to solve them in the best possible manner and as quickly as possible to win the tournament! A gold, a silver and a bronze will be awarded to the first 3 who win the tournament. and and the medals will be displayed on your profile!

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