Moscow: Capital of the Chess World!

Yet again our attention comes back to the Russian capital.
In February there are two important open tournaments the first of which has just finished.
Four players finished with 7/9 and 46th seed Konstantin Chernyshov was awarded the title due to a higher number of wins.

The Moscow Open is more than just a warm up for the more famous Aeroflot Open which follows on straight afterwards.

Indeed there are few opens to compete with The Moscow open where in a field of 187 players there were 73 GMs present. Where else would you have such a concentration of strength?

So scoring seven out of nine in a field comprising thirty-one 2600+s and sixty-eight 2500+s ensured a high performance. Inarkiev even achieved a 2800 result but on tie-break it was Chernyshov who had won more games than his rivals who came out on top.

The result of a lifetime for the relatively modest (by Russian standards!) GM.

Fellow Russians Bareev and Inarkiev as well as the less-well known Vietnamese player Le Quang Liem also made 7 points. Bologan and Rublevsky were amongst the pack on 6.5.

RankingTitleNameCountryEloPointsWinsSecond tie-breakPerformance
1GMKonstantin ChernyshovRUS25567,0646,52726
2GMEvgeny BareevRUS26437,0552,02793
3GMLe Quang LiemVIE26477,0550,52792
4GMErnesto InarkievRUS26497,0549,536,0
5GMKrishnan SasikiranIND26536,5550,52723
6GMViktor BologanMDA26926,5550,52744
7GMDmitry AndreikinRUS26356,5548,02717
8GMIgor KurnosovRUS26686,5547,52716
9GMSergei AzarovBLR26226,5547,02669
10GMSergei RublevskyRUS26976,5451,52697
11GMBu XiangzhiCHN26736,5450,52723
12GMVladimir BelovRUS25956,5449,52712
13GMEvgeny VorobiovRUS26216,5445,02634
14GMBoris SavchenkoRUS26386,5444,52659

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