Morozevich wins the Russian Higher League

The Russian Higher League took place from the 15th to the 26th of June in Taganrog, which can be found on the sea of Azov near Rostov-on-Don. Apart from being one of the most westerly points in Russia, the city of Taganrog is famous for being the birthplace of Anton Chekhov. Alexander Morozevich, a former World Top Ten player, finished ahead of a strong field.

The tournament was a great success for Alexander Morozevich who has otherwise had indifferent form in recent years. He should now regain his 2700-status, once this result is counted.

The youthful Artyom Timofeev was runner-up with a slightly better tie-break than Alexander Galkin.

Certain household names had disappointing tournaments, especially Nikita Vitiugov (1st seed) who finished 13th and, in particular, (second seed) Dmitry Jakovenko who only managed a lowly 28th.

The women's higher league also took place at the same time. Elena Zaiatz dominated the nine round event and was the only undefeated player.

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