Michael Adams wins Los Angeles

Michael Adams was the favourite in the Metroplitan International in Los Angeles. He picked up the first prize of $5000 alone as he finished one point clear of the chasing group.

The top seeds, Michael Adams and Loek Van Wely, were in action recently on the East Coast and now have made their way to the other side of the US to participate in the 1st Metropolitan International in Los Angeles.

The first prize of 5000$ is higher than in most opens, whether in the old or new worlds, so who can blame them going to California!

They were not alone as 10 GMs, 29 foreigners and 50 titled players were also present.

Final scores:

Rank Name Country Rating Points
1 Michael Adams ENG 2715 7.5
2 Loek Van Wely NED 2683 6.5
3 Timur Gareev UZB 2613 6.5
6 Robert Ruck HUN 2569 6.5
7 Dejan Bojkov BUL 2544 6.5
8 Mesgen Amanov TKM 2544 6.5
16 Conrad Holt USA 2438 6.5
4 Varuzhan Akobian USA 2613 6
17 Darwin Yang USA 2434 6

Prize list 14,400$ (gaurenteed)

1st 5000$

2nd 3000$

3rd 1300$

4th 900$

5th 800$

6th 600$

with special prizes for under 2500s etc.

The time control 90'/40 (+30") then 30' (+30")

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