Marseille can celebrate!

The Marseille team can celebrate their unexpected victory in the French team Championship. Most of the team can be seen in the photo: Arkadij Naiditsch, Karel Miton, Etienne Bacrot, Laurie Delorme, Jean-Marc Degraeve (non-playing coach), Andrei Istratescu and Yannick Gozzoli.

In the history of the event no French team from south of Lyon has ever been champions. A team from the principality of Monaco has won, but can be considered as a special case.

The well-established and long-time high-performing teams of Cannes, Nice and Montpellier have all finished on the podium on several occasions, but never in first place!

So Marseille have achieved something that their neighbours in their prime never quite managed.

The Marseille team:

Top performers on each board:

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