Lahno leads the Blitz Final!

At the half-way stage Katerina Lahno leads from Antoaneta Stefanova in the final of the Women's World Blitz Chamionship in Moscow.
However with fifteen rounds to go there is plenty of time for someone to catch the Ukrainian.
Yesterday's Video from the semi-final featuring the winner Irina Krush can be seen below, in case you missed it from our earlier article.

Five of the players are in the photo, do you know who they all are? (answer below)

So here is the cross-table (after the first meeting between the players) at the half-way stage:

1GMKateryna Lahno UKR 2539X1110100=111111111.5
2GM Antoaneta Stefanova BUL 25510X1111111=1=1=0010.5
3GM Tatiana Kosintseva RUS 257300X0111001=111119.5
4WGMValentina Gunina RUS 2465001X1010011110119
5GM Humpy Koneru IND 25931000X100111=11=19
6GM Alexandra Kosteniuk RUS 252400010X110011==118
7IMIrina GaponenkoUKR2469100010X=10=111108
8IM Anna Muzychuk SLO 2535101110=X=0=0=1018
9GMMarie SebagFRA 2499=011010=X10=01017.5
10IM Irina Krush USA 24900=0001110X01101=7
11IMAlmira Skripchenko FRA 246400=000==11X0=11=6.5
12GM Nadezhda Kosintseva RUS 25650=00=001=01X10=16
13IM Mariya Muzychuk UKR 246400000=0=10=0X1115.5
14WGMNazi PaikidzeGEO 23760=010=0001010X105
15GM Natalia Zhukova UKR 24990100=001100=00X15
16WGM Vera Nebolsina RUS 2360010000100==0010X4

The prize fund of 50,000€ for the final will be divided as follows:

1st 10 000 €
2nd 8 000 €
3rd 6 000 €
4th 5 000 €
5th 4 500 €
6th 4 000 €
7th 3 500 €
8th 2 500 €
9th 1 500 €
10th-12th 1 000 €
13th-16th places 500 €

The second (and final) series of fifteen games will take place tomorrow at 15.00 (Moscow time). Note the starting times in other major cities:

Paris 1pm

London 12 noon

New York 7am

Los Angeles 4am

In the video (courtesy of Europe Echecs) Irina Krush describes her feelings after winning the semi-final (some of the commentary is in french).

For more information go to the Official site

You can also follow the games live: Official site

The five women in the photo are Gaponenko, Skripchenko, Kosteniuk, Zhukova and Stefanova.

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