Kramnik strikes first!

Vladimir Kramnik maintained a vice-like grip on the position and gradually squeezed the World No.1 out of moves. Magnus Carlsen's bad run of form continues.
The other game between Alexei Shirov and Viswanathan Anand was an uneventful draw.

Shirov and Anand exchanged pairs of pieces without either side looking like making any progress and the presence of opposite bishops made matters even more drawish.

Kramnik's quiet opening and the early exchange of queens didn't seem particularly threatening at first, but once he traded light-squared bishops he had access to some useful squares for his knights such as b5. Carlsen's attempts to activate didn't help matters as Kramnik kept control. In the final position Carlsen resigned as he is lacking any sort of reasonable move while White can merrily penetrate with his king and queen's rook.

Here is a summary of today's first round games:

Alexei Shirov2749ESP0.5-0.5Viswanathan Anand 2800INDSpanish Berlin41
Vladimir Kramnik2780RUS1-0Magnus Carlsen 2826NORQueen's Indian Defence45

The second round pairings are as follows:

Magnus Carlsen2826NOR - Viswanathan Anand2800IND
Vladimir Kramnik2780RUS - Alexei Shirov2749ESP

So after one round Kramnik has 3 points, Anand and Shirov 1 apiece and Carlsen 0.

More Elo points bite the dust for the Norwegian. Can he stem the tide tomorrow?

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