Korobov dominates Pardubice

The Czech Open is a candidate for being the European Open as 1314 participants played in the various events during the period from the 15th of July to the 1st of August.
The 310-player Open A was won by Anton Korobov with 8/9.

The highest rated player Anton Korobov (2657 from the Ukraine) won the main event for the second year in a row. There were 41 GMs in the open-A and the whole event attracted 44 nationalities!

The Final standings:

1GMAnton KorobovUKR26578
2IMHans TikkanenSWE24697
3IMS.P SethuramanIND25137
4GMMartyn KravtsivUKR25597
5GMSergey GrigoriantsRUS25667
6GMArtur GabrielianRUS25597
7GMAlexander RakhmanovRUS25906.5
8GMKonstantin MaslakRUS25606.5
9GMEhsan Ghaem MaghamiIRI25856.5
10GMJiri StocekCZE25876.5
11GMEltaj SafarliAZE26036.5
12GMPawel JaraczPOL25416.5
13IMDavorin KuljasevicCRO25516.5
14IMAlexandre DaninRUS25096.5
15GMViacheslav ZakhartsovRUS26086.5
16IMAleksei PridorozhniRUS25536.5
17IMAndrey BaryshpoletsUKR24506.5
18IMMusunuri Rohit Lalith BabuIND25026.5
19IMIlja SchneiderGER25156.5
20GMVasif DurarbeyliAZE25016.5
21IMPeter MichalikSVK24536.5
22GMAnton ShomoevRUS25616.5

Pardubice is a magnet for many players looking for a total chess experience in mid-summer. The three players on the podium certainly enjoyed their trip as Tikkanen achieved a GM-norm (there were two others this year as well as nine IM norms!)and the young Seturaman continues to impress.

The winners in Pardubice © official site.

There were many other events including four lower-ranking opens, a rapid (the Czech open) featuring Navara and Movsesian (won by Alexander Rakhmanov of Russia).

The three blitz tournaments were won by travelling GMs: Sergei Iskusnyh (Russia), Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (Azerbaijan) and Ghaem Magrami (Iran)

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