Kirsan re-elected!

In Wednesday's eighth round in Khanty Mansiysk, the Ukrainian team tied with Russia and thus stayed ahead of the field in the mixed event.
In the Women's event, home favourites Russia 1 again won comfortably and seem to be cruising to gold.
Kirsan Iljuminov was easily re-elected for another term as President of Fide.

The main matches of the day, Russia 1 vs. Ukraine and Hungary vs. Azerbaijan were both drawn 2-2. This enabled other teams a chance to catch up. Indeed narrow victories by Armenia, Georgia and France brought them into the group who are just behind the Ukraine.

RankCountryMatch pts.Tie-BreakGame pts.Board 1Other notable scores
1Ukraine1420223Ivanchuk 6.5/7!Efimenko 6.5/8
2Russia 11320221KramnikKarjakin 6.5/7
3Georgia1319723.5JobavaPantsulaia 5.5/6
8China12197.522Wang YueWang Hao 6.5/8
10Cuba12171.521Dominguez Perez
11Israel12168.521.5GelfandSutovsky 6/7

Certain countries seem to be on a roll, for example China and Cuba have moved up into the top ten in both competitions.

As for the leading scorers, Ivanchuk and Karjakin are still going strong. Some other players with big percentages are Bassem Amin (Egypt) 7/8, Sergio Barrientos (Colombia) 7/8 and Teterov 6/7.

Here are a selection of Olympiad-centred videos to watch, courtesy of Europe Echecs. Enjoy them!

It's looking like Russia 1 are going to win the women's event with a round or two to spare. Other teams on the rise are Serbia and Russia 2. After a shaky start China have moved up and are now in fourth place.

RankCountryMatch pts.Tie-breakGame points.Board 1Other notable scores
1Russia 11624125Tatiana KosintsevaNadezhda Kosintseva 6.5/8 Galliamova 4/5
2Serbia1318523BojkovicStojanovic 6.5/8 Chelushkina 5/6
3Russia 213182.520.5PogoninaBodnaruk 5.5/6
4China12204.522.5Hou Yifan 6.5/8Ju Wenjun 6.5/8 Wang Yu 4/5
5Georgia12202.522.5DzagnidzeKhukhashvili 4.5/5
6Ukraine12199.522LahnoGaponenko 5.5/6
7Cuba12196.523.5Ordaz ValdesMarrero Lopez 6.5/7 Pina Vega 6/7
8Hungary12178.520Hoang Thanh Trang
10Bulgaria1217118.5StefanovaVelcheva 5/6

Other ladies who are doing well individually include Jovana Vojinovic (Montenegro) 7/8, Jenny Astrid Chirivi (Colombia) 7/8 and Joanna Dworakowska (Poland) 6/7.

Starting times for rounds 9 & 10 are as follows:

Khanty Mansiysk 3pm

Moscow 1pm

Paris, Madrid 11am

London 10am

New York 6am

Los Angeles 3am

Today was a special day as there were some eagerly-awaited elections. Kirsan Iljuminov beat Anatoly Karpov 95-55 and will now serve another four-year-term in office as Fide President.

Another election was that for the head of the European Chess Union, and this was won by Silvio Danailov 30-24 over Ali Nihat Yazici of Turkey. Danailov, up to now, has been best known as Topalov's manager.

Silvio Danailov with Jean-Claude Moingt, the French Chess Federation President. ©

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Atousa Pourkashiyan (Iran) ©
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Peter Leko (Hungary) ©
Board 1 for Russia 1: Tatiana Kosintseva ©
Katerina Lahno (Ukraine) World Blitz Champion ©
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Alexander Grischuk (Russia 1) ©
The re-elected President of Fide. ©

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