Karjakin and Jakovenko looking good!

The highest ranking pair, Sergey Karjakin and Dmitry Jakovenko, both won with the white pieces and thus join Bologan and Riazantsev in the lead.
Amongst the world's top twenty, Pavel Eljanov and Sergey Karjakin are the players gaining the most rating points in recent weeks.

Karjakin's win came at the expense of Arkadij Naiditsch. The top seed advanced his kingside pawns against the Berlin defence, thus cramping Black's minor pieces, so the German responded by sacrificing a piece for interesting counterplay. However it turned out that he didn't have enough compensation as Karjakin had time to organise some favourable tactics. White then broke through in the centre whilst running away with his king.

Jakovenko avoided the exchange of queens and kept up pressure on the light-squares against Jobava's Tartakower defence in the Queen's Gambit. The Russian's bishop was stronger than the Georgian's knight as there was play on both flanks with Black's king in the firing line.

Dmitry JakovenkoRussia27251-0Baadur JobavaGeorgia2715
Sergey KarjakinRussia27391-0Arkadij NaiditschGermany2686
Alexander OnischukUSA26990.5-0.5Sergei RublevskyRussia2704
Alexander MotylevRussia27040.5-0.5Ivan SokolovBosnia-Herzegovina2654
Nikita VitiugovRussia27070.5-0.5Victor BologanMoldavia2668
Alexander RiazantsevRussia26740.5-0.5Emil SutovskyIsrael2661

A good start by Karjakin who already has enough rating points in the bag to move into the World's top ten.

Moving up in the world. @ chess-press.com

Three of the four leaders are Russians, a good start for them.

PositionNameCountryRatingWorld rankingAgePoints after 2 rounds
1st-4thSergey KarjakinRUS273914201.5
1st-4thDmitry JakovenkoRUS272521261.5
1st-4thVictor BologanMDA266864381.5
1st-4thAlexander RiazantsevRUS267458241.5
5th-8thNikita VitiugovRUS270732231
5th-8thAlexander MotylevRUS270434301
5th-8thAlexander OnischukUSA269938341
5th-8thEmil SutovskyISR266175321
9th-12thBaadur JobavaGEO271526260.5
9th-12thSergei RublevskyRUS270433350.5
9th-12thArkadij NaiditschGER268647240.5
9th-12thIvan SokolovBIH265483410.5

Everyone has got off the mark and four players lead, each having a win and a draw.

You can follow the games live on Live games from 10am (London time).

You may also like to investigate the official tournament site. However it is in Russian!

The third round will start tomorrow morning: 10am (London), 11am (Paris) or 3pm (local time).

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