Kamsky wins the Baku Open

Baku is the capital of oil-rich Azerbaijan and was the venue for a strong open between the 23rd and 31st of August 2010.
Despite a loss to Rauf Mamedov the American top seed Gata Kamsky won the event with 7.5/9.

Kamsky won the first prize of $10.000 which tops off a largely successful period for him (wins in the US Championship and World Rapid, tempered slightly with a poor showing in the World Open).

There were 159 players in the nine-round swiss which was played with a Classical time limit.

The total prize fund of $60.000 USD attracted eleven other nationalities and a total of sixteen GMs to compete.

Final standings were as follows:

1Gata Kamsky GM USA 2713 7,5
2Emil Sutovsky GM ISR 2665 7
3Aleksej Aleksandrov GM BLR 2642 7
4Asghar Golizadeh FM IRI 2481 7
5Nijat Abasov IM AZE 2517 7
6Rauf Mamedov GM AZE 2660 6,5
7Evgenij Miroshnichenko GM UKR 2686 6,5
8Djakhangir Agaragimov FM AZE 2311 6,5
9Boris Savchenko GM RUS 2623 6,5
10Farid Abbasov GM AZE 2549 6,5
11Gadir Guseinov GM AZE 2611 6,5
12Baris Esen IM TUR 2518 6,5
13Rasul Ibrahimov GM AZE 2534 6,5
14Ilia Smirin Ilia GM ISR 2646 6,5
15Shahriyar Rahmanov -AZE 2245 6,5
16Vasif Durarbeyli GM AZE 2501 6,5
17Malkhaz Sulashvili IM GEO 2498 6,5
18Leyla Javakhishvili IM GEO 2469 6,5

As for norms, two GM norms were made (by Asghar Golizadeh from Iran and Djankhandir Agaragimov from Azerbaijan) and as many as five IM norms were achieved. The happy quintet were Shahriyar Rahmanov, Ayaz Mammadov, Shujaat Orujov, Mushvig Asgarov and Kamal Agasiyev (all Azerbaijani).

Zaur Mammadov against Emil Sutovsky (second on tie-break) © official site.

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