Kamsky retains title (13)

Gata Kamsky: Champion again!
Gata Kamsky coasted to the UC Championship crown after drawing the second game of his match against Yuri Shulman. A draw was sufficient for him after winning their first game on Tuesday. He comfortably equalized and was never in danger. Anna Zatonskih and Tatev Abrahamyan fought out an exciting draw in ther second game of their match for the women's title. A tie-break involving rapidplay games will be necessary to find the 2011 Champion.

With Kamsky looking good after the opening, there was no suspense as the top seed ensured back-to-back titles in the US Championships. The first player to do so since the mid-eighties.


Game no. White Elo Result Black Elo
1 Gata Kamsky  2733 1-0 Yuri Shulman 2622
2 Yuri Shulman 2622 ½-½ Gata Kamsky  2733

Third-Fourth place play-off:

Game no. White Elo Result Black Elo
1 Sam Shankland 2512  ½-½ Robert Hess 2565
2 Robert Hess 2565  ½-½ Sam Shankland 2512
3 Sam Shankland 2512 1-0 Robert Hess 2565

The final is still up for grabs. Tatev Abrahamyan fought blow for blow in a King's Indian Defence and later on, with both players seeking to win, any result seemed to be possible.


Game no. White Elo Result Black Elo
1 Tatev Abrahamyan  2326 ½-½ Anna Zatonskih 2499
2 Anna Zatonskih 2499 ½-½  Tatev Abrahamyan  2326

The tie-breaks will consist of a two-game rapid match (G/25+5 second increment). If the contest is still undecided, the match will go to a rapid Armageddon bidding game with a base time of 45 minutes for each Player. Black will have draw odds. Each Player shall bid an amount of time (minutes and seconds, a number equal to or less than 45:00) they are willing to play with in order to choose their color. The Player who bids the lowest amount of time chooses his color and begins with that amount of time; the other Player receives 45:00. If both Players bid exactly the same amount of time, the Chief Arbiter will flip a coin to determine who shall choose their color. 

Third-Fourth place play-off:

Irina Krush won her way to third place after her 1½-½ victory over Camilla Baginskaite.

Game no. White Elo Result Black Elo
1 Camilla Baginskaite 2342  0-1 Irina Krush 2472
2 Irina Krush 2472 ½-½ Camilla Baginskaite 2342

The games will start at 1pm (local time).

There is a seven hour difference between St. Louis and Paris.

So 1pm (St. Louis) =

7pm London

8pm Paris, Madrid

9pm Moscow

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